He Flew In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For He Flew | He Flew Sentence

  • With these words he flew off.
  • He flew through the town.
  • He flew off at a tangent.
  • Down the stairs he flew.
  • And for this he flew with renewed energy.
  • He flew like a bird.
  • And far away he flew.
  • But in vain he flew to her rescue.
  • But in vain he flew to her rescue.
  • And thereupon he flew away.
  • He flew quickly to her side.
  • At once he flew into a great rage.
  • On he flew over seas and mountains.
  • Away he flew over the meadows and fields.
  • So he flew off and hid in some raspberry bushes.
  • Instead of which, he flew up to the ceiling.
  • He flew all the way across just above the water.
  • I got up, and he flew at me.
  • Again he flew back to the base of the mountain.
  • It seemed he flew off the surface of the world.
  • He flew heavily and clumsily to the spot.
  • He flew the whole distance by compass.
  • He flew into the butter tub and then into the meal barrel.
  • Like a grouse he flew across the opening and was gone.
  • So he used his power and he became a firefly and he flew.
  • When the baker returned he flew into a terrible rage.
  • Now he flew toward the journey-end of hope.
  • How his new steel spurs shone as he flew!
  • He flew a little way after the thieving squirrel.
  • He flew away and back with another napkin.
  • He flew to the bosom of his love; of his wife.
  • Instead, he flew over to the dooryard of another farm.
  • So he flew to the mountain, and powdered its crest.
  • He was sulky at first; then he flew into a passion.
  • And to the murmuring beach with eyes a-flame he flew.

How To Use He Flew In A Sentence?

  • When he came out of the rose-water, he flew away.
  • Crane flew heavily, but he flew all night long.
  • When he reached the branches, he flew to another tree.
  • The next time she called, he flew with the rest.
  • He flew this at Johannisthal.
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