He Holds In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For He Holds | He Holds Sentence

  • See how he holds himself!
  • He holds out his hand.
  • He holds up both hands at that.
  • He holds out his hands to her.
  • He holds its counterpart.
  • And he holds it open!
  • As he holds it up to view.
  • He holds himself directly responsible.
  • He holds his job by politics.
  • He holds my faith in trust.
  • But in origin and essence he holds they are the same.
  • He holds his hat in front of him.
  • And there are others whom he holds in disfavour.
  • In his left he holds a book.
  • He holds like a screen between us.
  • If he holds clear of the reef we have him safe!
  • Too bad he holds such views on secession.
  • He holds me as a hostage for your good behavior.
  • Now he holds out for seventy-five thousand!
  • He holds his tongue, and so does she.
  • Do you mark how he holds his horse together?
  • He holds you fast as a bird at the end of a string.
  • Then he holds himself together, terrified.
  • He holds that men cannot be made better by law?
  • He holds to his eye a tube or optical instrument.
  • His hand trembles as he holds the cup to her lips.
  • He holds her, gazing at her despairingly.
  • He holds a piece of gold in his left hand also.
  • He holds them in his hand....
  • The wife from whose love he holds no thought apart.
  • Tom is blind; he holds a box in his hand.
  • He changes color, and drops the branch he holds.
  • He holds the lines in one hand, and his whip in the other.
  • He holds out as Jansenist, forsooth.
  • He holds her.

How To Use He Holds In A Sentence?

  • He holds me now.
  • He holds her so.
  • He holds her close.
  • How he holds forth!
  • Catching her hand he holds it for a short moment in his own.

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