He Learned In A Sentence

How To Use He Learned In A Sentence?

  • He learned to waggle his club in a knowing way.
  • He learned to stick type and run a press.
  • He learned that a train left in two hours.
  • He learned now the awful tyranny of the human face.
  • Once he learned that, there was the fat in the fire.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For He Learned | He Learned Sentence

  • He learned more about it after a while.
  • There he learned mathematics.
  • It was then he learned to fly.
  • In a moment he learned.
  • He learned to be a surveyor.
  • He learned to control himself.
  • It was then that he learned to scoff.
  • Certainly it would do you no good if he learned of it.
  • One thing he learned with certainty.
  • He learned to box with his nose.
  • He learned nothing from his blunders.
  • He learned there that the sheriff was downtown.
  • In this battle he learned its potentialities.
  • Later on he learned to fell trees himself.
  • He learned his business well.
  • He learned kings to lie!
  • How he learned he could not explain.
  • He learned to traffic for wonders.
  • Next he learned that a daughter had been born to him.
  • And when he learned what the work was he was doubly glad.
  • He learned nothing more than he knew already.
  • He learned from his servant of the robbery of the coach.
  • How would he act when he learned that it had vanished?
  • He learned presently whither they were going.
  • He learned well and had a retentive memory.
  • On his arrival he learned that his fate was imminent.
  • Incidentally he learned many other things of the workmen.
  • Till the first verse he learned it all by rote.
  • It was incredible how rapidly he learned mine.
  • He learned in some way how to kindle fire.
  • In that second he learned how much he loved her.
  • No doubt he learned that habit at sea.
  • A little boy was asked how he learned to skate.
  • So he learned to see by night as well as by day.
  • He learned that, immediately on his arrival.
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