He Puts In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For He Puts | He Puts Sentence

  • He puts it down in silence.
  • What passion he puts into it!
  • He puts the cup down.
  • He puts it there on purpose.
  • He puts you on your honour.
  • He puts the case strongly.
  • He puts on his hat with a flourish.
  • He puts back the covering again.
  • What is the feather which he puts in his cap?
  • Then he puts his pipe into his pocket.
  • I wonder if he puts it on or if he deceives himself.
  • Here he puts chains about their necks.
  • He puts the plate down on the table.
  • He puts on full speed.
  • He puts out his hand and takes hers.
  • He puts on the airs of a great noble!
  • He puts his hand to his ear as if listening.
  • And off he puts towards his horse and buggy.
  • He puts his watch back in his pocket.
  • Then he puts his hand around to the other side.
  • He puts off real study to the last moment.
  • He puts out the lights and opens the door cautiously.
  • And he puts his arm round me and strokes my hair.
  • He puts a drop of ordinary ammonia on the cloth.
  • He puts no girdle round the world in his verse.
  • He puts on his hat, but does not move.
  • He puts in this one letter because he thinks it clever.
  • He puts forth all his power to recapture his lost prey.
  • He puts me on the defensive, right away.
  • He puts an arm round her shoulder in dead silence.
  • He puts up with her, and is always glad when she is gone.
  • He puts wings upon them and makes the very angels envious.
  • The way he "puts on dog"!
  • He's right in the order he puts them in, isn't he?
  • Most like he puts Mark up as sort of an ideal.

How To Use He Puts In A Sentence?

  • He puts up the dough, and I puts up the tips.
  • He puts it in Spanish and Scotch hands.
  • If he puts poor Dick in prison, I will go too.
  • He's a growin' boy, our Cheeper: he puts on weight.
  • That's the way he puts it.

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