He Recognized In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For He Recognized | He Recognized Sentence

  • He recognized both at once.
  • He recognized them both.
  • He recognized it all now.
  • He recognized it at once.
  • Wonder if he recognized me?
  • He recognized them all.
  • He recognized them and went up to them.
  • He recognized the locket.
  • He recognized the envelope.
  • He recognized me likewise.
  • He recognized her at the same instant.
  • He recognized the envelope.
  • Soon he recognized it with a start.
  • He recognized the spot.
  • He recognized neither.
  • Perhaps he recognized his own condition.
  • He shuddered as he recognized it.
  • He recognized his servant.
  • Bill thought he recognized it.
  • He recognized the vehicle at once.
  • Surely he recognized that voice.
  • He recognized it instantly.
  • He recognized me but could not speak.
  • He recognized his deep sincerity.
  • Garry a picture that he recognized immediately.
  • His nature was generous and he recognized it.
  • And presently he recognized the coachman.
  • But he was pacified as soon as he recognized him.
  • Even in his dream he recognized that cry.
  • Among them he recognized his own and his soldier name.
  • He recognized the captain and the doctor.
  • Then he recognized both this object and the aviator.
  • In a flash he recognized the face.
  • He recognized the face instantly.
  • He recognized the trail that he himself had helped to cut.

How To Use He Recognized In A Sentence?

  • So even he recognized her state of sin!
  • He recognized this man as being a stranger in the country.
  • He recognized this as one of two facts.
  • He recognized a friend entering the meadow.
  • He recognized her type with something of a shock.
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