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  • A pair of headlights rounded the nearby corner.
  • Its headlights swung in wild arcs across the trunks and down to the mud.
  • A thousand headlights of motor-cars seemed to be there focussed into one.
  • The two glaring headlights swept the white road, stopped, and went out.
  • Asabri drove toward Rome, his headlights piercing the darkness.
  • Car headlights switched on, and in their glare Rick saw Jerry pointing.

How To Use Headlights In A Sentence?

  • They clung to each other in the dark and watched the headlights play upon the trees.
  • Night was falling, and bright headlights were gleaming over the tumbled fields.
  • The strong headlights of a big car were already swinging round to the hall door.
  • At the first bend, the bright headlights illuminated a patch of snow along the ditch.
  • He left the car, walking forward rapidly until the headlights no longer lighted his path.
  • It was running, of course, reversed, and across the intervening space the headlights stared.
  • He was not sure that the powerful headlights would not pierce his leafy shelter and discover him to the watchful driver.
  • Voices yelled at her from either side, a motor car with enormous headlights came straight at her out of the fog.
  • I should have told you that I had turned the car and that she now stood with her headlights towards home.
  • It came along, its headlights burning more and more brightly, it rattled past the solitary female pedestrian.
  • The headlights of locomotives on nineteen railroads, representing over twenty thousand miles of track, gleam in and out of the city.
  • The headlights went out, and Jane brought her car to a stop in the midst of the wreck at the roadside.
  • Except for the headlights of cars, far down in the street, and the lights of ships in the harbor, the city was completely blacked out.
  • No one was in sight, although Jerry's car with dimmed headlights still stood at the curb.
  • When trains are waiting on side tracks, clear of main track, or on the end of double track, headlights of engines must be covered.
  • They took care not to come within range of the headlights of Crazy Jane's motor car.
  • Jane lighted the big headlights on her car, turning them on the darkest part of the camp, after which they drew the flap to the tent and began preparing for bed.

Definition of Headlights

plural of headlight; especially a pair on a single vehicle.
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