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  • Who would not rather be a healer than a scarifier?
  • We fly to the King as to a healer of our dissensions.
  • Then she strove to sleep, but that sweet healer came not to her wooing.
  • The mental healer is like one rowing against the current of a mighty river.
  • A successful healer must be an overflowing fountain of love and good-will.
  • An Advanced Healer of To-day 232 XX.
  • The healer is the sower, and the patient's unconscious mind is the soil.

How To Use Healer In A Sentence?

  • The god was the physical healer in his theology and his services the strong and healthy youth did not need.
  • Almost as swiftly as it was drawn, the healer had snatched one of the heavy torch-poles from its socket.
  • In doing this he acts as the visible delegate of an unseen higher physician, the saint ordained of God to be the healer of the sickness.
  • Not I, in sooth: but healer of my pain, And sole preserver from a life of woe. HYL.
  • Up to the last of her consciousness, Katharine had refused to see him; only the healer and Brenton had been allowed inside the room.
  • As a proof of this the magnetic healer often finds himself or herself prostrated after treating the weak; and excited or feverish after treating a feverish patient.
  • Here, in the necropolis of Thebes, therefore, the snake played the same part as a healer that it did in the worship of Asklepios.
  • He became a spiritual healer and a leader, and he later changed his name to Canon Di'Vaticanus.
  • Never heard of Prophet Eli, the charmer-man, the mediator between the higher and lower forces, natural healer and regulator of the weather?
  • This he did at sore cost of pain, and then came to me to tell me his tale with a new set of crutches, the healer having kept the old set as evidence of the cure.
  • In classic times, those who flocked to the shrine generally stayed there for one or two nights, when the healer appeared to them in a vision, and gave them directions for their cure.

Definition of Healer

One who heals, especially through faith. | Anything that heals; a medicine that heals some wound, injury, ailment, or disease.
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