Healthy in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Healthy

1. All healthy things are sweet-tempered. 🔊

2. Cleanse with healthy blood his parchment skin. 🔊

3. There is no healthy play of public opinion. 🔊

4. Every wound heals; we are again healthy and whole. 🔊

5. If only I could marry a healthy dairy-maid! 🔊

6. Not that healthy amusement is to be deprecated by any means. 🔊

7. The healthy tan of his complexion was lessened rather than increased. 🔊

8. All the same, the healthy snoring of a living man comforted her. 🔊

9. ALL healthy boys have a strong tincture of the savage in them. 🔊

10. In one instance Mr Rivers found one healthy plant in a badly affected field. 🔊

How to use Healthy in Sentences?

1. Through revelation there can be healthy excitement and enthusiasm; but none through mystery. 🔊

2. It would be more healthy for the young, if they would imitate this talented surgeon. 🔊

3. This is unquestionably the most healthy plan of using a carpet, and it is also an artistic plan. 🔊

4. He had a healthy look, with a weather-beaten face, his face corrugated, especially the large nose. 🔊

5. Now I was strong and healthy in mind and in body; prepared to do anything or to go anywhere. 🔊

6. Perhaps he had been conscious of presences there which were imperceptible to normal and healthy senses! 🔊

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