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  • She had heaps of things to do.
  • What heaps of gold he had in his bundle!
  • Yet these heaps were allowed to stand about for a day or days.
  • Nevertheless, there is still a danger that they may starve on heaps of gold.
  • She could not always touch the huge smoking heaps that came to table.
  • I returned it was, with heaps of other things, made over to the agents.
  • And he can't be down on his luck because he's got heaps of money.
  • Several great heaps of ore surrounded a sort of pit, broad and roomy.
  • Beat well, turn into a pastry bag and press out in heaps on a buttered pan.
  • In Cherry Valley heaps of smoking debris were all that remained.
  • They've a big house at Beverly, which I've never seen, and heaps of money.

How To Use Heaps In A Sentence?

  • I stepped over the heaps of bones to where the heavy oaken coffin lay under a tree.
  • Books in shelf after shelf up to the ceiling, and piled in heaps upon the floor.
  • The child walks amid heaps of illusions, which he does not like to have disturbed.
  • These heaps always occurred near the track, and were generally surrounded by bushes.
  • An elderly gentleman, busy with heaps of letters, informed me that he was the person.
  • And so on, in a regular, rhythmical way, while the four little heaps gradually grew and grew.
  • It is here definitely laid down that no heaps of bark-shavings should be accumulated even for half a day.
  • How had it come about that she owned so many mounds and heaps and pyramids of silver and metal and linen?
  • Here and there were heaps of ashes and charred bones, where an attempt had been made to burn the carcasses.
  • It was left to accumulate in vast heaps about ginhouses, to the annoyance of the farmer and the injury of his premises.
  • The snug homesteads and villages had disappeared, and in their places were bare walls and heaps of stones.
  • Along the rivers they were found in heaps like sea-weed, and the water was almost poisoned by them.
  • The remains of many cars lay in heaps along the curve, and the trackmen like firebugs ran in and out of them.
  • What a crisp noise the dead leaves make as the children wade and splash and tumble through the heaps that the gardeners have swept together.
  • Grass cuttings two to three inches long were left in small heaps at feeding sites and indicate the presence of these mice.
  • Here, again, it is advised that the collected earth-scrap should not be allowed to remain in heaps upon the floor of the factory.
  • The branch is still unbuilt, but only some heaps of grass-grown rubbish remain to mark the site of the venerable edifice.
  • Among the heaps of sea-weed there were sometimes small pieces of painted wood, bark, and other driftage.
  • It used to be quite common to see heaps of bark-shavings accumulating on the floor of a factory, and generating excessive heat.
  • For fully half-a-mile these banks are covered with the rinsers of dyed and printed calicoes, and with mighty heaps of their cottons.
  • These dismal ruins are shapeless heaps of mud, the square towers of the square walls alone retaining any semblance of form.
  • We have thrown off the restraints which society imposes upon us; we have thrown off the cares which the business of life heaps upon us.
  • The little curate desisted from the appendices and refuse heaps and general debris of his story, and made himself look very alert and intelligent.
  • Both yards were forlorn, uneven, and malodorous, from the heaps of offal and rubbish lying under the hot sun.
  • Opalescent berries resemble heaps of pearls, and the lemon stalks of marine sedge gleam like wedges of gold in the crystalline depths.
  • As these heaps lie, you can perceive that a vertical slice from top to bottom will give us a tolerably even admixture of the different ores.
  • All around stands filled with books in gilded bindings hide the walls, and in every corner lie heaps of plans and charts.
  • There were cloud heaps sailing, and dead leaves blowing along the terrace, the bitter parching wind was still blowing.
  • Nay, the mere walls themselves would soon be gone And nought be left but heaps of mouldering stone.

Definition of Heaps

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of heap | plural of heap | A large amount.
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