Heard It In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heard It | Heard It Sentence

  • Have you then heard it too?
  • One who has heard it before.
  • They had heard it all before.
  • I heard it only now.
  • She had heard it before.
  • Where had he heard it?
  • You heard it yourself!
  • They had heard it all.
  • We have all heard it.
  • You should have heard it.
  • She had not heard it then.
  • And then they heard it.
  • Suppose he had not heard it?
  • Where had he heard it before?
  • Then she heard it again.
  • She too had heard it.
  • And then he heard it.
  • Then we heard it again.
  • Paul had never heard it before.
  • He had heard it twice before.
  • She was sure she had heard it before.
  • But the woman heard it.
  • The prisoner heard it too.
  • My servants heard it too.
  • She had never heard it before.
  • When they heard it they rose up.
  • I am so very happy to have heard it.
  • Blunt seemed not to have heard it.
  • We never heard it again.
  • It is doubtful if they heard it.
  • I heard it with my own ears.
  • He no longer heard it.
  • We forgot we heard it!
  • He no longer heard it.
  • You should have heard it rattle!

How To Use Heard It In A Sentence?

  • Keith heard it plainly.
  • He had often heard it.
  • You have heard it this very day.
  • Jack would have heard it all.
  • I was in the buttery and heard it all.
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