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  • I do not speak from hearsay or book-knowledge.
  • You had good hearsay accounts of my sermon?
  • The evidence was mostly mere hearsay and conjecture.
  • Only on hearsay did anyone know how these people fared.
  • Society rests upon hearsay and religion upon tradition.
  • I'm tired o' hearsay an' guessin', Tumm.
  • Tis all hearsay with you an' me.
  • Communities which had known of such disputes only from hearsay stood amazed.
  • He had formed his opinion from hearsay and separate statements.
  • There the anxious crowd could only learn by hearsay what was going on within.
  • They shall not be asked to accept a single fact on hearsay from my people.
  • C. Upon a trial can evidence of hearsay or gossip be offered to prove guilt?

How To Use Hearsay In A Sentence?

  • It would be hearsay evidence, and such evidence was not admissible in any court of law.
  • Only from reading and from hearsay had she been even vaguely acquainted with the existence of poverty.
  • Father places more faith in hearsay and in the statements of the knaves who are leading him on, than he does in anything we can say.
  • The pupil is excused with a sort of hearsay knowledge, but the teacher must have a vital experience of what he teaches.
  • Both the intelligent man and the ignorant mass judge not from a thorough knowledge of the subject, but either from hearsay or false interpretation.
  • Let us, however, endeavor to trace up some of this hearsay evidence as far towards its source as we are able.
  • But mind you, my friend, he speaks me fairly, and I will not take this on hearsay even from your master.
  • The fact that she was false as Judas was not apparent to this girl whose knowledge of Iscariotism was as hearsay as her knowledge of gorillas.
  • No matter how much an individual knows as a matter of hearsay and information, if he has not attitudes and habits of this sort, he is not intellectually educated.
  • If hearsay evidence can be taken as an argument of probability, and in some cases of strong probability, it is where some one material fact is concerned.
  • But the layman who has gathered a little hearsay knowledge will maintain his opinion as if it were the product of lifelong experience, and will only too often pay for his folly and presumption accordingly.
  • The note was manifestly a false one and did not endure, not even is its echo plainly audible for all is hearsay to-day and no very definite record of the circumstance exists.
  • Then we ought to know what those amusements are; we must be able to advise, from actual knowledge, not from hearsay or prejudice, as to the healthful and worth while.
  • They are invaluable in picking up and retailing information and hearsay gossip, which will give clues to much of importance, that, unassisted, you might miss.

Definition of Hearsay

Information that was heard by one person about another that cannot be adequately substantiated. | (law) Evidence based on the reports of others, which is normally inadmissible because it was not made under oath, rather than on personal knowledge. | (law) An out-of-court statement offered in court for the truth of the matter asserted, which is normally inadmissible because it is not subject to cross-examination unless the hearsay statement falls under one of a number of exceptions.
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