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  • I had just recommended him to Hearst as editor.
  • The Hearst papers are screaming at all of us every day.
  • Hearst thou voices high up o'er us?
  • He had just arrived and learning from Hearst that I was in town looked me up.
  • " They are using Hearst for this purpose.
  • "Heard (Augustus) and Company," 293, 308. Hearst, George, 391.
  • _ and the Hearst Press.

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  • Now when thou hearst a team of corves coming along, pull yon end and open the door.
  • The Hearst organs, in cartoon and editorial page, shrieked against the ancient enemy.
  • Prussia learned what Hearst learned, that Germans were soon lost in the United States.
  • Bailey Millard is editor of "The Cosmopolitan Magazine," which Mr. Hearst has bought.
  • If we are so silly as to play into the hands of the German-Hearst publicity bureau, our chance for real usefulness will be thrown away.
  • It houses an exhibition of painting, statuary and objects of arts from the Phoebe A. Hearst and other collections.
  • The Hearst Greek Theatre at Berkeley has done much to make the name of the University familiar abroad.
  • Apparently, Bolo wanted to sell shares in this paper to Mr. Hearst, in order to acquire funds for the Pacifist agitation.
  • Dr. Fuehr finally put an end to this unsavory episode, which had been fully investigated by private detectives, by publishing a detailed account of the whole affair in the Hearst papers.
  • The chief value of the pro-German attitude of the organs of the Hearst syndicate lies in the fact that their influence is not limited to any particular town or district, but extends over the whole Union.
  • Through Arthur Brisbane, now chief lieutenant of William Randolph Hearst, she became acquainted with the writings of Fourier.
  • By the benefactions of the widow of Senator Hearst of San Francisco, this university has under way a housing perhaps the most spacious and symmetrical in the world.
  • Among others, hotel servants, chauffeurs, etc., were sworn, and gave evidence that I had met Bolo in the apartments of Mr. Hearst.
  • Apart from this the Hearst newspapers repeatedly explained in detail how in the autumn of 1916 the position of the Central Powers was excellent, while that of England and her allies was completely hopeless.
  • True, I have often visited Mr. Hearst, which goes without saying, as he was the only important newspaper proprietor who maintained a neutral attitude throughout the war.
  • Apparently it will consist of an appeal to the American people to help him to enforce peace; in any case both he and House praise the Hearst Press article, which is written from that point of view.
  • The biggest newspaper publisher in America, William Randolph Hearst, figured that New York was one of the big German cities of the world.
  • It would be both unjust and ungrateful to make no mention of Mrs. Phoebe Hearst, the mother of William R. Hearst of New York.
  • The parcel under his arm labels him FIDDLER in larger scare-caps than Mr. Hearst ever invented for headlines.
  • The Palace of Fine Arts on the Marina close to the Presidio, with its masterpieces from the Phoebe A. Hearst and other collections, is a short drive from Lincoln Park.
  • Did you see what stuff of his Prof. Harry Thurston Peck, the Hearst outfit's special literary censor, chose for a particular commendation the other day?
  • She came to Washington an entire stranger as the wife of the late Senator George Hearst of California, but soon endeared herself to all old residents by her personal magnetism, her social tact and her philanthropic acts.
  • Soon after Hearst got the paper--I don't know the date--they can tell you at the office and will show you the bound volumes.
  • In 1896 Bierce was sent to Washington to fight, through the Hearst newspapers, the "refunding bill" which Collis P. Huntington was trying to get passed, releasing his Central Pacific Railroad from its obligations to the government.
  • Mr. Hearst has replied to the inconceivably shortsighted policy of the British authorities towards his news service in a series of forcible, full-page leading articles against the British censorship which must have seriously shaken the confidence, apart from this already weakened long ago, of the American Press in all news coming from England.
  • Mr. William Randolph Hearst, the well-known editor of widely circulated newspapers, and other well-known personalities, called together great meetings at which America's historical mission was said to be the stopping of the wholesale murder that was going on in Europe.
  • Bishop Andrews, the bishop of the Methodist Episcopal church, with his family, resided nearly opposite to our house, and Bishop Hearst and his family had lived on Third street nearby, and our excellent neighbors, A. Y. Rawson and his first wife, Thos.
  • Hitching his chair an inch nearer to her at each sentence, looking straight into her eyes, in a manner as unboastful as though he were giving the market price of eggs, he would tell her how J. Pierpont Morgan, Burbank, or William Randolph Hearst had praised him; or how much more he knew about electricity or toxicology or frogs or Java than anybody else in the world.
  • Only a few newspapers, to which belong those of the Hearst Syndicate, confess to the belief in 'a stalemate, or a victory of the Teutonic Allies.'
  • They don't give me much of a "show"--the editor doesn't love me personally as he should, and lets me do only enough to avert from himself the attention of Mr. Hearst and that gentleman's interference with the mutual admiration game as played in the "Cosmopolitan" office.
  • While the articles were appearing, the Hearst newspapers obtained a large number of letters that, some years before, had passed between Mr. John D. Archbold, President of the Standard Oil Company and one of Mr. Rockefeller's business associates from the earliest days, and Senator Joseph B. Foraker, of Ohio.
  • In that mood I peremptorily resigned from the _Examiner_, for one thing--and permitted myself to be coaxed back by Hearst, for another.
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