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  • The father heartened him.
  • It heartened her wonderfully.
  • Her air of assurance heartened him.
  • Naturally these events heartened the steel workers.
  • She rose suddenly, heartened by the thought.
  • Somehow that heartened Raf.
  • Her smiling heartened me, and I went on in lighter vein.
  • Indeed, to know that you are armed has heartened me immensely.
  • We felt this and it heartened us up to stay out of the spirit of opposition.
  • This heartened him, as a rounded phrase will do the best of us.
  • Often it heartened her, but never when it touched upon his weary chase.
  • A sight of the dirty brown jig-saw of trenches heartened us greatly.
  • This prospect heartened the King and stimulated his fellow-workers.
  • Only old Sails declined to be heartened by bright expectations.
  • But Captain Scraggs refused to be heartened by this airy persiflage.
  • That "even" may have been a slip, but it heartened Rowdy immensely.
  • Billy's businesslike manner heartened Jack and John DeWitt.
  • It was only a moment's respite, but it heartened the rider mightily.

How To Use Heartened In A Sentence?

  • And yet he was heartened by letters from his lawyer, who was up and at the foe once more.
  • He felt curiously encouraged and heartened by the beam in her eye rather than by her actual words.
  • The hot coffee heartened them wonderfully, and the ten minute cannon shots were good company.
  • The whole population," says the Abbe Ferland, "was heartened and rejoiced by the return of Mgr.
  • His guests left as much heartened by his cheerfulness and good will as they were by the actual physical comforts he had given them.
  • Our eyes met, and his were kind and smiling, with a confidence in their depths that strangely heartened me.
  • Yet in the broken sky there was a promise of sunshine and brilliance, which was not in the even grey; and this heartened me.
  • He crouched at the edge of the water, willing a message of cheer to her; and heartened himself with the assurance that she could not but feel it.
  • He made coffee for them, an uncommon wilderness luxury, in which they could rarely indulge, and they were heartened and strengthened by it.
  • I talked it all over with Dix, and she kinder heartened me up; but it ain't no use.
  • The limb of the law was now on the wrong side of public opinion, and, what heartened me to go on, the position was rapidly changing in our favour.
  • Such innocent, though clandestine sport, heartened him up, no doubt, to deal the more telling blows against ecclesiastical foes.
  • Father in Heaven, refreshed and heartened by the night, we begin again with Thee the high adventure of our life.
  • She hoped she could bring Stuart to share her feeling, could inspire in him this new trust, new courage that had so stimulated and heartened her.
  • He was, however, somewhat heartened by the thought that Dirk Hatteraick had nothing to gain by his death.
  • These great and gallant gentlemen had had their moment of weakness; they had been heartened to the right conception of their duty by the noble veteran who was their chief.
  • The tone in which he said all this would have heartened a confirmed pessimist; upon Jamie Macleod it acted like new wine.
  • It heartened him much to remember his sensations in many a desperate struggle against the straining steaming mass of muscle and bone in the old fierce football fights.
  • They, who should have cheered and heartened Him to face the terrible prospect, were hindrances, were an additional burden and anxiety to Him.

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simple past tense and past participle of hearten
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