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How To Use Heather In A Sentence?

  • In a little he found himself lying on the heather at the mercy of the man whom he had attacked.
  • He saw a young girl rise from the fragrant heather and turn to descend the cliff.
  • I remember the old man as he lay on his heather bench when he made this magnanimous offer.
  • The heather was growing dim around them, and the horizon was blotted out by white mist.
  • The hill was covered with heather to the top, and he went up without meeting any one.
  • So they killed him quickly too, in their rage, and the secret of the heather ale died with him.
  • The water was a clear green with glints of purple, as if beds of heather grew underneath.
  • The great wooden box full of heather seemed at every effort to escape to sink deeper and deeper.
  • Dodo leaned back on the springy couch of the heather as Edith strode down the hillside.
  • But now that the end of the heather moon has come, I must write of its last days.
  • Through the stones and heather springing, Brook and brooklet haste below; Hark the rustling!
  • Retracing her steps, she picked her way across the few intervening yards of heather and tried the gate.
  • The mountains are the walls; and heather flows round them and beats against them like a purple ocean.
  • The spot is a lonely one, but ferns and heather flourish luxuriantly all about this ancient homestead.
  • Pairing is not long continued, and the two find out a depression in the heather which they line with bents and mountain grasses.
  • Of vegetation there is almost none, except a stunted heather which creeps hardily towards the blast hole.
  • The greatest number of grouse, and consequently the best poaching, is to be had on moors on which the heather is regularly burned.
  • Along the other side of the combe, where the road became visible, there were gleams of heather brilliant under the dark foliage of the firs.
  • The road lay over moorish hills, where was no sound but the crying of moor-fowl in the wet heather and the pouring of the swollen burns.
  • After waiting and listening awhile we saw lights glisten in the chinks of the heather walls, and then fumes of smoke began to creep up them.
  • In our line of retreat was an abandoned hut built by the charcoal burners, consisting of poles, with heather and fern for roof and sides.
  • After that there was nothing but the heather and the mountain cave for Alexander Gordon for many a day.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heather | Heather Sentence

  • Only the heather moon is the same.
  • I was lying down in the heather when he passed by.
  • The heather climbs the hill.
  • This was fresh heather on the fire.
  • But of the heather moon she had never heard.
  • Then there are fine tracts of heather and pines in places.
  • But surely no heather can be as purple as Scottish heather?
  • While Heather Bells go Ding-dong-ding!
  • I am abroad on the heather just before the coming of the day.
  • The table had unshaded purple candles and heather in glass dishes.
  • Acres innumerable produce little besides heather and whortle-berry.
  • Ursula wore woodland green, with a chaplet of heather about her glorious hair.
  • Your first sight of the heather moon, and over our right shoulders for luck!
  • Right, heather sloping up to left, which is rugged with tumbled grey rocks.
  • He thinks it's heather mixture, but it's the purple of a bruise.
  • The fire ran up the poles, and burning bits of the heather roof began to fall.
  • It was the tale of the last Picts, and the secret of the heather ale.
  • Yet know I how the heather looks, And what a wave must be.

Definition of Heather

Of a purple colour with a tint with pink and blue. | (botany) An evergreen plant, Calluna vulgaris, with spiky leaves and small purple, pink, or white flowers. | (botany) The Ericaceae family.
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