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  • He heats the mixture and lets it cool.
  • The ante-room stove heats this library as well.
  • The summer heats are oppressive, and fevers are prevalent.
  • It heats me, it beets me, An' sets me a' on flame!
  • The bull wants the ardent heats of midsummer to fire him for the combat.
  • The summer heats had not commenced, and the weather was truly delicious.
  • I pass through cold stages of anxiety, and white heats of rage.
  • When current heats the spool enough, the pin may slide or turn in the spool.
  • June now drew to a close and the great heats of July were at hand.
  • In scorching heats were doomed to die With agonizing groan.
  • So let it rest, until the fire The griddle heats as you desire.
  • Noon is fierce with the heats of summer, And summer days are long!
  • All through the golden July heats Madeleine sewed and waited.
  • From Tuats heats to Zegzeg's stunted pines!
  • The summer heats were nearly past; the eighth month (September) close at hand.
  • In heats of terror, haste, victorious joy, The first book first.
  • Poor sinner!--and doubtless Satan heats the irons for her.

How To Use Heats In A Sentence?

  • From these specific heats calculate the atomic weights of each of the elements.
  • When barn manure is thrown into piles it soon heats and throws off more or less steam and gas.
  • In other places he cried his wares, and reached Nona again in the heats of July.
  • The fever is supposed to originate from the excessive heats of the day, and the extreme cold of the night.
  • Her powers were maturing, and nobler sentiments were subliming the first heats and rude experiments.
  • It is claimed also that it heats the barrels of guns much less than black powder, and does not injure them.
  • In this latitude these intense heats are invariably followed by storms, and the latter come with the suddenness of lightning.
  • A place may seem to be free from it but when the sun heats up the ground the liquid volatilizes and the vapor soaks through the clothing.
  • Heat is furnished by means of a coal burning stove which heats water and causes it to circulate through pipes run the length of the house.
  • The blood warms and the nerves tingle after the tensions and heats of a quarter of a century as those days of sublime vagabondage come back.
  • There came up from the water a snatch of a love-song such as the boys sing when they watch their cattle in the noon heats of late spring.
  • The meat and fat on them heats and 'burns' them, and they then go to pieces and rot on being dressed.
  • Now, if the cycle-pump heats our hands, it will be easily understood that the temperature of the compressors is very high.
  • When the plate is placed in the oven the surface heats faster than the inner parts, and cools faster when taken out of the oven.
  • The earth heats up quickly, and it also cools quickly, especially if there is green grass and vegetation.
  • If born in winter, we should believe in summer as we now believe in the heats of the Carboniferous era.
  • I have found that the larger size, with a powerful bellows, heats large pieces of lead glass very satisfactorily.
  • If air is forced into smaller space, as in a tire pump, it heats up and if allowed to expand to ordinary pressure it cools off again.
  • It was piled up with heavy stones; winter storms could not shake it, nor summer heats penetrate the stout walls.
  • The burner rapidly heats the vaporising tube, and in a few moments oil-gas is passing into the mantles, where it is ignited by the burner.
  • The governor frequently had to interpose to keep the peace; sometimes he adjourned the assembly, to give time for heats to cool.
  • The fierce heats of that land, still primitive, now flamed in his soul, gone swiftly and utterly savage.
  • In the heart of a great city I am as still as if in a convent; in the burning heats of summer our rooms are shadowy and cool as a cave.

Definition of Heats

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of heat | plural of heat (countable senses) | (plural noun, dated) A period of hot weather.

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