Heaving In A Sentence

Definition of Heaving

(informal) Crowded with people. | present participle of heave | An occasion on which something heaves or is heaved.

How To Use Heaving In A Sentence?

  • A last clasping of the hands and quickly the boat was drifting out upon the heaving waters.
  • A soft breeze was sending the brown-sailed fisher boats across the heaving bay.
  • Again they consulted; and heaving the vessel to the wind, they hoisted out the long boat.
  • His mouth is contorted, his whole body heaving with a last struggle for life and breath.
  • The color is peculiarly rich and clear, like an intensely blue sky, heaving into waves.
  • She sped about one last jutting buttress, then stopped abruptly, one hand on her heaving breast.
  • As I walked back to my attic over the plumber shop, it was with head erect and heaving chest.
  • Neils Halvorsen heaving the lead, and dropped anchor in five fathoms under the lee of Fort Mason.
  • Doreen inquired; for she recognised in a heaving heap before her the shattered remains of that lady.
  • His eyes were shut, and only the heaving of the chest betrayed the fact that he was a living being.
  • It would have gone down like a house of cards if that heaving sea of destruction had turned our way.
  • Adam laid his hand fondly on her head, his breast heaving with the thick sobs which closely followed each other.
  • So he raved in a frenzy of terror as the horses sped southward at a pace that sent the steam rising in clouds from their heaving sides.
  • For a moment they stood motionless save for the heaving of muscles with their quick breathing, eying each other, measuring each other.
  • For'ard, Hermann and the crew were heaving in and straightening out the tangle of anchors.
  • Though the volcano was heaving in portentous fashion, society seemed of one mind as to dancing jigs upon it to the last.
  • As she spoke these words, she buried her face between her hands; but the quick heaving of her chest showed how deep was her emotion.
  • This robe is unbuttoned in front, so as to leave free her heaving bosom, which is covered right up to the neck with lace frills.
  • After a time he recovered his self-possession, and resumed, although still in broken tones and with shoulders heaving from emotion.
  • At length the officer in command gave orders to rig the tackle to the great plank stair, with a view to heaving it back upon the pier.
  • So "the sleeping snake" lay on the gently heaving swell amid the gloom of the moonless night, and waited.
  • Watch it breathing; it is as gentle as a child, and the beautiful lamia head rests like a crowning jewel upon the softly heaving coils.
  • The boys that lock up are heaving away at the shutters, shoving the heavy bolts, and taking a last look at the fire to see that all is safe.
  • I gazed upon him for some time, expecting that he might awake; but he did not, but kept on snoring, his breast heaving convulsively.
  • The storm, short and fierce, had blown itself out, and once more the tropical sun poured its scorching rays upon the gently heaving waters.
  • And Greeba was there, and she was laying her cool hand on his hot forehead, and he was looking at the troubled heaving of her round bosom.
  • I saw that whilst I had imagined my 'mountain to stand strong,' it was yet heaving with the wreckful fire.
  • The girl stood in front of her father, her arms outspread, her bosom heaving with excitement, her eyes blazing, inviting the deadly volley.
  • And Judas lamented still more grievously, and groaned and ground his teeth, and his whole huge body could be heard heaving under the coverlet.
  • And as the Athenian awaited, almost impatiently, the final disaster, something called his eye away from the heaving sky-line.
  • One meets a dark shape at night, and one does a "crash dive" at once, heaving a sigh of relief as one sees the gauge show sixty feet.
  • The foresail and the mainsail had been hoisted, and the hands were heaving up the anchor, when a boat from the shore was discovered approaching the yacht.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heaving | Heaving Sentence

  • Grew tight beneath her heaving breasts.
  • He could see the heaving of her breast.
  • Up to his heaving belly the black mud crept.
  • And lay thine hand this heaving breast upon!
  • For an instant Rhoda leaned against his heaving chest.
  • Only for a moment did he gaze out over the heaving forefront of the drive.
  • Dearborne's moistt eyes calmed his heaving spirit.
  • Here it comes--a great shadow heaving up through the water.
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