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  • What, and so heavy too!
  • Rain fell in heavy drops.
  • His heavy face settled into stubborn lines.
  • He looked round at the heavy surprised faces.
  • He had that slow and heavy philosophy that wears well.
  • Gray raised his heavy eyes and looked at him inquiringly.
  • With a heavy sigh she would lean on my arm and proceed.
  • At Cyprus-fair would be a heavy loss.
  • It was growing dusk when Lumley woke from that heavy sleep.
  • Many of the Frigid Zone animals are covered with heavy fur.
  • He picked up the heavy lamp from the table and began to explore.
  • Cut with a scissors or sharp knife along the heavy lines.
  • He closed the door quickly and bolted it with two heavy bolts.
  • They were strongly built of heavy logs fastened securely together.
  • The elder man was leaning back against the wall in a heavy sleep.
  • He stood at the door, swinging his heavy stock-whip in his hand.
  • On it were inscribed three circles in heavy lines, one within the other.
  • This is all the heavy baggage which the Turks carry with them.
  • She paused in her singing; a heavy sigh, almost a sob followed.
  • It resisted his efforts, heavy as lead, immovable like a tombstone.
  • Grain too is heavy stuff, or, in other words, gets quickly consumed.
  • But why do I delay to tell my mistress This heavy news as soon as possible!

How To Use Heavy In A Sentence?

  • How must a driver help his horses when they are pulling a heavy load up or down a hill?
  • Moreover, my voice may have been drowned in the heavy sigh with which she closed the nursery door.
  • There was a heavy frown on his handsome young face, bitter discontent in his dark eyes.
  • A heavy groan, and a sound like the chattering of teeth, was heard from the portrait.
  • The disaster That hung but now directly over you, Delay perhaps will bring more heavy on you.
  • He had seen the heavy curtains stir and shake as if the dead body they concealed had turned over and sat up.
  • The opposite hills were higher than the hill under which the cottage was built, and frowned above it in heavy overhanging masses of rock.
  • He was sleeping still when Gray roused himself from the heavy stupor of despair that had come upon him and sat up.
  • But towards morning he fell into a heavy dreamless slumber, from which he was roughly awakened by a sharp, sudden noise.
  • A bed, with embroidered coverlet and heavy silken curtains, stood in a deep recess to the left of the cabinet.
  • At last the lamp went out, and he stumbled against some object which, when he stooped for it, he found to be very cold and heavy to lift.
  • The bottom of this new part of the gorge was not open and grassy, but studded thickly with enormous trees clad in dark heavy foliage.
  • Huge coleas accentuate the spring verdure with heavy masses of bronze and crimson, and magnolias exhale intoxicating odours from snowy chalices.
  • Her father turned to her with sudden tenderness, though the frown produced by some engrossing train of thought still gathered his heavy brows.
  • She gave a heavy sigh to his memory, as she was accustomed to do, whenever she spoke of him in company; and went on adjusting her nightdress.
  • She staggers beneath a load of impedimenta belonging to her princely father: bags, bundles, and a heavy cloak.
  • Far away, through the heavy boughs of the ailantus tree, day was breaking in a glimmer of purple-few birds were twittering among the leaves.
  • He went off into a heavy sleep directly after supper, and Gray found it impossible to wake him sufficiently for rational conversation.

Definition of Heavy

Having the heaves. | (often with "up") To make heavier. | To sadden.
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