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  • All his jokes were like that, their playful hectoring ending in kindness.

How To Use Hectoring In A Sentence?

  • Josiah had to stand the hectoring and nagging that thitherto had been distributed among many.
  • Hot words followed, for the trooper sergeant would stand no hectoring from an equal in rank.
  • It was his blank acceptance of the brakeman's hectoring which had so encouraged that individual.
  • Having delivered himself of his threat, he assumed the hectoring air which the moral support of his companions afforded him.
  • The hectoring nature of the man was caught in the passion of the moment, and his innate brutality must find an object upon which to vent itself.
  • The popular conception of Jeffrey as a hectoring and blatant opponent of Wordsworth is not substantiated by the review.
  • There would be nothing offensive, nothing hectoring about such a missive, and he thought, he felt sure, that it would bring her.
  • There are those who decry independence in women, but surely only such must come from those whose nature is largely composed of hectoring selfishness.
  • The policeman, who had salved the discomfiture of his over-throw by hectoring the crowd and cuffing the nearest urchins, obligingly blew his whistle.
  • Why, then, sir, you are the saucy, hectoring Spaniard, and I'll use you accordingly.
  • And every now and then across the uproar would come the deep voice of a Scots skipper, swearing and hectoring as if the world and all that is in it were his peculiar possession.

Definition of Hectoring

That hectors; intimidating or domineering. | present participle of hector | The act of one who hectors, or acts blusteringly.
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