Heel In A Sentence

How To Use Heel In A Sentence?

  • Then he turned on his heel at once, as if afraid of being twitted with desertion.
  • And with that she turned on her heel and went upstairs to select a winding-sheet for him.
  • They mark the time by alternately stamping the heel of the right and left foot.
  • The old woman refused, and he turned on his heel to leave her to the assaults of death.
  • Zulke ommegangen zijn door den band heel eigenaardig en bij uitstek dichterlijk.
  • Vergor leaped from his bed, and tried to run off, but was shot in the heel and captured.
  • For a moment Stubbs stared at the lad angrily; then turned on his heel and stalked into the house.
  • En de zonne, langzaam ten Westen neigende, werpt haar fijnste goud over heel het landschap.
  • De oude St-Martenskerk, met eenen heel eigenaardigen toren, stond in de nabijheid der hoofdkerk.
  • In this he would doubtless have succeeded had he not caught his heel in the crack of a loose board of the wharf.
  • You never have spoken for ten minutes without my feeling an inclination to salute your mouth with the heel of my slipper.
  • He swung on his heel and mounted the stairs to the bridge, where he entered into a low-voiced colloquy with one of his subordinates.
  • They were not doubtful sounds that I heard, and they appeared to be made by the heel of a heavy boot.
  • The heel of the patient was at times enclosed in an iron heel, which could be tightened at pleasure, and thus caused excruciating pain.
  • VĂ³or ons blikken wij over heel de stad, over daken en schouwen, over meerschen en velden, verscheidene mijlen ver.
  • Hieruit bleek dat hij een heel arme jongen was, wiens eigen schoenen, als hij er had, in slechten staat waren.
  • A glance at this man and Mr. Larkin turned on his heel and made down a side lane at a swinging gait.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heel | Heel Sentence

  • Left heel jerk feeble.
  • The remaining heel disappeared.
  • He turned on his heel and stalked away.
  • He sat down on his heel and started in energetically.
  • He turned on his heel and started for the wreck.
  • That was the time when the first heel disappeared.
  • Her little heel dug hard into the carpet.
  • Die boeven verontrustten heel de streek.
  • She turned on her heel and made her way to her own cabin.
  • He turned on his heel and left without another word.
  • Ik weet heel goed wat zij ondergaan.
  • And into the opening at the heel the Rattler steered.
  • The Pathan spurned them with his heel as he passed.
  • Ellen Neal, aghast, watched him turn on his heel and leave.
  • Without another word he turned on his heel and strode away whence he had come.
  • Then, just as we got to the bottom, my heel came off and we both tumbled.
  • I cried angrily, turning upon my heel and leaving the room abruptly.
  • In alle geval kan men er eenen halven dag heel genoeglijk overbrengen.
  • Then, without a word, he turned on his heel and stalked back to the house.
  • The heel of my shoe came off and I couldn't skate.
  • The two lads clasped hands and Chester turned on his heel and strode away.
  • Hij was de tweede van heel het departement, die te Gent onthalsd werd.
  • And as she smiled back, Van Alen turned on his heel and left them.

Definition of Heel

(intransitive, especially of ships) To incline to one side; to tilt. | The act of inclining or canting from a vertical position; a cant.
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