Heightening In A Sentence

Definition of Heightening

present participle of heighten | The act by which something is heightened or increased.

How To Use Heightening In A Sentence?

  • It is a clarifying of our mental vision and a heightening of our sensual apprehension.
  • In these animal phobias it cannot possibly be a question of the heightening of common human antipathies.
  • The inclination to transference on the part of the neurotic we have mentioned, is only an extraordinary heightening of this common characteristic.
  • Here was indeed a heightening of present enjoyment by a somewhat unwelcome disparagement of unavoidable past and future experiences.
  • The psychologically trained physician has no difficulty in heightening the effect by simple surprises, if he cares for such tricks.
  • He dwelt upon them with peculiar relish, heightening the frightful particulars in proportion to their effect on his peaceful auditors.
  • With these he loved to deck Saskia, heightening her girlish charms with the play of light upon these adornments.
  • She gathered her countenance into an expression of as perfect unconcern as a little heightening of her colour would allow her, and returned his salute with rather a distant bow.
  • But the aggravation of his crime, proved to be the cause that saved his life; and that additional heightening circumstance of betraying his trust, was found to be a legal defence.
  • The tremendous heightening of irritability through the interruption of the circulation (internal respiration) was at the time the cause of the experience of fear; the first fear was therefore toxic.
  • He was not even sure that Maud felt it, or rather he suspected that the experience of wedded love was to her the heightening and emphasizing of something which she had always known.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heightening | Heightening Sentence

  • He fancied a heightening of her colour.
  • To work this charm for heightening thy desire.
  • A heightening of the reward almost took his life.
  • Mamie Smythe read the note with a heightening color.
  • Jennette was blushing all over her body, heightening the golden color of it.

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