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How To Use Heir In A Sentence?

  • All that was known was that the heir to the throne had mysteriously disappeared.
  • There is not one ill which flesh is heir to, which this race original cannot kill or cure.
  • But it was not thus that the nephew and heir of the nabob of Frisco was to travel.
  • But a numerous army, led by Gavah in search of the true heir to the throne, now came in sight.
  • Near Exeter, in this land, dwelt an aged king who had for his heir a daughter called Guillardun.
  • In the preceding winter there had been deaths more or less frequent from such ills as flesh is heir to.
  • This was a great grief to him, especially when he remembered that on his death there would be no heir to inherit the kingdom.
  • For a Son of this World, and an heir to the King Who rules over man, is this beautiful Spring!
  • Madame du Deffand was only dissuaded from making him her heir by his threat that if she did so he would never visit her again.
  • Cavander was delighted beyond words when he heard that the heir to Phoride had successfully reacquired his own estate.
  • He is now steadily stepping forth into the world as ruler of himself, the creator of his own government, the heir and sovereign of the world.
  • The spiriting away of the heir would thus leave the field open for the cherished plans and hopes of Delilah.
  • They are a family to which a destiny attaches, and the Banshee has sworn that a male heir shall never be wanting.
  • Without fortune is that Inosuke, heir of the master, such object of delight to bring him to maturity.
  • In the latter case they had more power and less responsibility; the latter falling on the heir and successor, perhaps still a mere child.
  • My father, in wild grief at the loss of his then only son, and heir to the title, gathered all the servants and hurried to the spot.
  • It is true, that Jacob was made the special heir to his father; but did he thereby inherit eternal life?
  • In France the bearing of the dolphin was exclusively restricted to the Dauphin or heir to the throne of the kingdom.
  • The heir of Pengersick, however, had no desire to fall in with the plans of his father and the wishes of the elderly spinster.
  • It is restful, though, after dragging one's weary feet down to the 'phone to hear something beside all the ills that flesh is heir to.
  • Mr. Long broke out into wrathful indignation, but the young heir kept silence, only smiling bitterly.
  • Of course, I shall see that, although he can no longer be regarded as my heir here, he shall be well provided for.
  • The Marquis was overjoyed at having restored to the illustrious house of Moncade the heir of its greatness, and of its magnificent domains.
  • He was more like a man whose only son and heir had been stolen, than an Anglo-Indian officer who had lost a poodle.
  • London stories are racy of London; they reflect its life in every age; and the London child is heir to them all.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Heir | Heir Sentence

  • Here sleeps an heir of glory.
  • Of the heir he only uttered a significant hum!
  • Was George heir after all?
  • And who was the predestined heir of that Majesty?
  • Edwith died and Oswald became heir to the throne.
  • All to his heir resigning, Except his cup of gold.
  • The latter was made his heir by Samuel Pepys.
  • But their heir comes into the world poorer than the lowest savage.
  • No harm, when but for you, he would have been the heir to house and land!
  • Augustus was nephew to the earl of Osselstone, and heir to his title.
  • My brother Augustus is now the next heir to the family title and estates.
  • Followed by Kakusuke, his worthy son and heir sprang in pursuit.
  • He was well dressed, and James knew him as the nephew and heir of the squire.
  • And fall heir to a blood-feud with every second man I chance upon!

Definition of Heir

(transitive, intransitive) To inherit. | Someone who inherits, or is designated to inherit, the property of another. | One who inherits, or has been designated to inherit, a hereditary title or office.
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