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  • They held that girl against her will.
  • I held that astounding letter in my hand.
  • There was a meeting held that night in the hut.
  • I wanted to know who held that horn.
  • Some have held that the girls once wore bear-skins.
  • If the remnant of the dam held, that would be true.
  • Dunwood House held that position.
  • He held that an artist was accountable to God.
  • I held that rank in the army of the Pope.
  • But I held that for the last resort.
  • This man held that I knew too much for his safety.
  • Stanislas de Chandour held that Mme.
  • E. de Rouge held that Rameses II.
  • And he held that his dictatorship would have hurt no just man.
  • New strength flowed from the hand she held that was to carry her on and on.
  • Heaton, when it was held that the appeal was not a part of the oath.
  • He held that mission as the extreme outpost for three years.
  • He seems to have held that truth is given in immediate experience.
  • It is held that "everything is fair in war.
  • Roosevelt spoke for an hour and held that vast audience in rapt attention.
  • The men who held that stock wanted to come to the aid of the newer project.

How To Use Held That In A Sentence?

  • It has been held that this has not greatly affected the decline in the birth-rate.
  • His face held that strange expression which is so characteristic of the electrocuted man.
  • Some have held that proof by reasoning is impossible, but only because it is superfluous.
  • I have always held that egotism is the thing of all others which we ought to guard against.
  • He held that the children took the same shares as if their father died intestate.
  • And it is held that the results obtained by these means were well worth the money spent.
  • I have always held that no military man can ever learn anything about agriculture.
  • They held that only the pure and bright part of the soul could live on after death.
  • In ethics he held that man is swayed only by the desire for pleasure and the fear of pain.
  • It was established as the capital city, but it held that honor for a few years only.
  • They have always held that national interests must be considered before international palaver.
  • Weak and emaciated, her head was held that a tea-spoonful of water should be given her.
  • Bownd held that the fourth commandment is partly moral, in the phrase of the casuists.
  • Bridget held that quilt with her hands and mouth to keep behind the scenes as much as possible.
  • The funeral was held that afternoon, and it seemed that the entire parish turned out.
  • They held that strict law governs the apparently erratic movements of the heavenly bodies.
  • Some held that it was too late to escape, others maintained that it is never too late.
  • Whether the presiding officer did draw the inference or not, the court held that he was bound to.
  • Heaton, it was held that the oath was completely taken without the addition of that appeal.
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