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  • The drunken helot of cleverness is the creature who goes about making puns.
  • The arrow from a Laconian helot had smitten through the silvered mail.

How To Use Helot In A Sentence?

  • The patrician caste of the city still held its own, aided by the helot hand of slavery.
  • To-day I do not laugh any more at the race that depends on inefficient helot races for its inefficient service.
  • And the fate of him and his people seemed fixed for all coming time To hew the wood of the helot and draw the waters of strife.
  • It were making a helot of a free man, and you do not love me, Fanfulla, if you drive this argument further.

Definition of Helot

(historical) A member of the ancient Spartan class of serfs. | A serf; a slave.
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