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  • This will help your throat.
  • You can help your girls to help themselves.
  • I suppose you cannot help your ignorance.
  • You cannot help your change of feeling.
  • You go home and help your mother.
  • Now go home and help your father on the farm.
  • Help your mistress first, girl.
  • Alice, come back and help your mother.
  • Dress as quickly as you can, and help your little brother.
  • I believe I could help your Royal Highness.
  • Help your doctor to help you when you have food allergy.
  • I'm going to help your sister.
  • Help your doctor to help you when you have gastric or duodenal ulcer.
  • Help your doctor to help you when you have sick headache or migraine.
  • Be very glad that you could help your boy prepare himself to bestow it.
  • I can't help your looking anything you please.
  • But you can't help your relations, can you?
  • Blustering will not help your cause," he snarled.
  • We came to help your system and especially your planet at a time of crisis.
  • Help your mother's friend, your own old friend.
  • It's baking day, and maybe you can help your mother some.
  • You'll fancy it saying things it won't help your case to hear.
  • Perhaps you can't help your feeling; but the result is all the same.
  • Well, here's my picture, to help your contemplation in my absence.

How To Use Help Your In A Sentence?

  • Help your doctor to help you when you have gallstones and disease of the gallbladder.
  • It was the kind of remark you make when you know that nothing in the world can help your case.
  • We say to the rich, do not wait until you die before you try to help your fellow-men.
  • You have then the breast and the ribs, and the shoulder on the dish, ready to help your friends.
  • Come and have some food, lad; it will help your mother to eat if she sees you eating.
  • I cannot change it to help your fight; and I should only damage you if I did.
  • Yes: speak kind, and sweet, and true words, and so help your own souls on their way to Heaven.
  • Converse with her pleasantly; it will help to make her cheerful for the day; it will also help your digestion.
  • If you want to do any good, go down to the lunch-counter and help your husband put up fifty lunches.
  • Some of you will have to bunk in the hay for the present, for I am going to send out a woman to help your wife.
  • No, he sold out all that would have earned him a life income for any price he could, and turned over every cent of it to help your father.
  • And while, of course, this spy may have forged documents, there is a chance that we may intercept him and help your friends.
  • If you are selfish, distrustful towards your neighbours, teach your neighbours, help your neighbours, and they will return the same to you.
  • If I can help your justly celebrated road any here in the South do not hesitate about mentioning it.
  • You will not, I know, refuse my petition; you will help your friend to bear his burden and his calamity.
  • I need your help, your influence among the youth, to combat these senseless desires for Hispanization, for assimilation, for equal rights.
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