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  • Harry looked helplessly at her.
  • And she could only helplessly blink at him.
  • And he sank back helplessly on the chair.
  • The cattleman slumped helplessly together.
  • The farmer looked helplessly at his wife.
  • He gropes helplessly in a strange and unexplored realm.
  • And he looked back helplessly at the yacht astern.
  • He gazed helplessly around as no response came.
  • Bill nodded; he felt dizzy and helplessly weak.
  • Anne sat down helplessly and looked at the weary figure opposite.
  • Rhoda looked helplessly into the young man's face.
  • The three brown men stood irresolutely and helplessly around the man.
  • He was covered with blood, and flopped helplessly upon his broken wrists.
  • And Polly looked helplessly from one to the other for comfort.
  • The Editor looked helplessly around as if begging for response of some sort.
  • Whispering Smith's hand fell helplessly on the table.
  • When Warrington found Craig the man was helplessly intoxicated.
  • Whereupon Robert Grant Burns rolled his eyes helplessly toward Gil Huntley.
  • Sir William winced and writhed helplessly under Rendel's words.

How To Use Helplessly In A Sentence?

  • She stood looking rather helplessly at the three little girls and the situation.
  • And it was this spirit which cried out helplessly in him through the insistent, inflammable flesh.
  • Rhoda stood helplessly watching the battle as one watches the horrors of a nightmare.
  • And my soul was somewhere in tears, crying helplessly like an infant in the night.
  • The child's head drooped as helplessly as a baby's all the time, she was so overcome with sleep.
  • I looked helplessly after the girl, who had fled, incontinent, to the women at work in the field.
  • She was angry, helplessly angry at Harry that he had taken this moment for his stupid jealousy.
  • I came to a long, tolerably wide corridor, and wandered helplessly past several closed doors.
  • Had Harding, faint with his wounds, wandered helplessly there till he fell to rise no more?
  • Such consciousness as it possesses is that of being helplessly at the mercy of conflicting economic forces.
  • She was actually far more comfortable while drifting thus helplessly before the gale than when battling through it.
  • He saw some men struggling helplessly with a collapsible boat which they were trying to lower down on to the deck.
  • She began patting her hands gently and helplessly together, and again she dropped her chin into them with her eyes lifted to the moon.
  • It towered hundreds of feet over his head; he stared up at its top, squinting helplessly into the light.
  • Where the tempest drove them, there they helplessly wandered, and many men died from famine and exposure.
  • And he gave up; he helplessly gave up trying to find an excuse for asking to be set down again and allowed to go his lonely way.
  • From the mountain before him, Burckhardt helplessly saw a lesser cliff descend carefully toward him.
  • Our flywheel was on the ground, running helplessly round and round, screaming horribly, while both chauffeurs abused each other.
  • She also found herself in possession of a splendid army of more than one hundred and seventy thousand men shut up helplessly in Metz.
  • She rushed to the front door and beat helplessly upon it with her hands, and he heard her, and came out and tried to stop her, on her way upstairs.
  • Into the pall of vapour the Lewis gun pumped its nickel missiles, yet no crippled flaming fabric crashed helplessly to the surface of the sea.

Definition of Helplessly

Without protection or assistance. | Without the ability to help oneself. | Without the ability to react actively.
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