Helplessly in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Helplessly

1. Harry looked helplessly at her. 🔊

2. And she could only helplessly blink at him. 🔊

3. The cattleman slumped helplessly together. 🔊

4. The farmer looked helplessly at his wife. 🔊

5. And he sank back helplessly on the chair. 🔊

6. He gropes helplessly in a strange and unexplored realm. 🔊

7. And he looked back helplessly at the yacht astern. 🔊

8. He gazed helplessly around as no response came. 🔊

9. Anne sat down helplessly and looked at the weary figure opposite. 🔊

10. Rhoda looked helplessly into the young man's face. 🔊

11. The three brown men stood irresolutely and helplessly around the man. 🔊

12. He was covered with blood, and flopped helplessly upon his broken wrists. 🔊

13. And Polly looked helplessly from one to the other for comfort. 🔊

14. Whispering Smith's hand fell helplessly on the table. 🔊

15. When Warrington found Craig the man was helplessly intoxicated. 🔊

How to use Helplessly in Sentences?

1. Rhoda stood helplessly watching the battle as one watches the horrors of a nightmare. 🔊

2. She stood looking rather helplessly at the three little girls and the situation. 🔊

3. And it was this spirit which cried out helplessly in him through the insistent, inflammable flesh. 🔊

4. I looked helplessly after the girl, who had fled, incontinent, to the women at work in the field. 🔊

5. She was angry, helplessly angry at Harry that he had taken this moment for his stupid jealousy. 🔊

6. I came to a long, tolerably wide corridor, and wandered helplessly past several closed doors. 🔊