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  • His helplessness was maddening.
  • His helplessness appealed to the brutes.
  • But at last the holy helplessness of sleep subdued him.
  • And she was living, in her helplessness ...
  • Yet it was this helplessness that gave him the odd feeling of being relaxed.
  • Helen nodded, and there was a sort of helplessness in her admission.
  • The utter helplessness of my position came home to me with damning force.
  • He could only draw a great breath in his helplessness and go his way.
  • Miss Maxwell acknowledged her helplessness with a faint smile.
  • There was a most curious helplessness on Mr. Smith's face.
  • The deist said: "Consider the helplessness of a little child.

How To Use Helplessness In A Sentence?

  • And he held out his hands to his younger brother in the helplessness of despair.
  • They cared neither for the helplessness of the old nor the harmlessness of childhood.
  • And then she began to see how his helplessness had built up in her a false security.
  • They held her all but motionless and the sense of her helplessness brought back the fear panic.
  • The helplessness of uneducated people to account for their likes and dislikes is often ludicrous.
  • That was all; the cry of helplessness complete, of dependence utter and unreasoning.
  • But Kennedy was fated to lie in impatient helplessness during the remainder of the afternoon.
  • A feeling of blind helplessness followed; the sun, beating down fiercely, made him light-headed.
  • In my helplessness I could do nothing but remain silent, and keep my terrible secret to myself.
  • Ever since James had left the island, I had been chafing at the helplessness of my position.
  • Fear had produced not only all the helplessness of despondency, but all the mischievous freaks of insanity.
  • It was not the unembodied cry of the pain and helplessness but the undying hope of the world that she had heard.
  • He was still in that borderland of helplessness where the unusual seems only a part of the new condition of things.
  • It is almost appalling to reflect upon the condition of helplessness to which this double calamity can reduce a man.
  • As if struck by the helplessness of the settlers, a compassionate chief extended aid to them in 1608.
  • What need of reviewing the last chapter of his knowledge of the woman who was so compelling in her helplessness and her childlike faith?
  • Why, can't you see that your helplessness and dependence only deepen your hold on me?
  • They showed the helplessness that comes of failure, and this feeling of utter futility was transmitted to me.
  • A wild storm of rain dashing straight in their faces during the attack added to the confusion and helplessness of the dragoons.
  • Now the helplessness of this little family, for whom he was the provider, tugged at a swelling heart.
  • In my helplessness and sorrow you have humiliated me by every means at your command, made me a target for derision and for slander.
  • But with all these points in her favor a helplessness swept over her, and the "what next" for the moment perplexed her.
  • Nothing could have brought John so near to her as this utter helplessness brought about through his toiling for her.
  • These have had small reason in their helplessness to regard the Turk as that chivalrous and honourable foe of whom we have sometimes heard.
  • And so the young Count has to do, when required, the bidding of the scoundrel who gloats over the helplessness of his dupe.
  • From that instant there was no more helplessness in the feelings of Sheila O'Leary.
  • In my helplessness I had become an unwilling tool in the hands of the former, and now I hated and despised her.
  • In utter helplessness at Jesu's feet: Then bent me to the storm, if such his will.
  • The members of the board are in a state of perpetual panic and mutual dissatisfaction, and by their helplessness introduce hesitation and chaos into all their work.

Definition of Helplessness

The state of being helpless. | A feeling of inadequacy or impotence.
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