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  • Do you go hence into the country?
  • Our wine-bottles are moulded, hence their ugliness.
  • They live and let live, hence it is but meet.
  • Go hence to the Giaours and torture them!
  • And hence I cannot your repugnance blame.
  • O far from hence could I depart!
  • Apollo, the Greek sun god, hence in poetry the sun.
  • Evidently for air B = H, hence mu becomes unity.
  • She did not care to remain in debt to a stranger; hence the invitation.
  • Cap-sheaf: the top sheaf on a stack and hence the completion of any act.
  • We will go hence with speed, A place of torment this indeed!

How To Use Hence In A Sentence?

  • We are too apt to repeat ourselves, hence it is a sort of relief to meet with a new idea.
  • A ceiling is a flat surface, hence all decoration placed upon it should be flat also.
  • We speak not of external acts; and hence we lay aside the whole scheme of natural necessity.
  • Hence the love of truth, hence the sensibility, the fine perception, and poetic construction.
  • They strike notes which have no chords in my nature: hence from them I instinctively fly.
  • The doors, though ostentatiously guarded, are really open, and hence the power of the bribe.
  • Since here avails nor argument nor prayer, Thee hence by force I needs must bear.
  • So I saw Seligun, but those who see it a month hence will find only a brown and dusty plain!
  • Boiling the water does not affect these salts; hence such waters are said to have permanent hardness.
  • Hearing tidings of the fame of Prince Bright-Wits, I journeyed hence to Mogadore.
  • It clearly does not; and hence there is a radical defect in the argument of these learned divines and the school to which they belong.
  • This assumption has been incautiously conceded to the atheist by his opponent, and hence his argument has not been clearly and fully refuted.
  • Sometimes cloths were woven wide and then split into two or more: hence the term "splits.
  • When exploded they yield only colorless gases; hence they are used especially in the manufacture of smokeless gunpowder.
  • It is probably still too ample; as a year hence quite half the makers still recorded are likely to disappear.
  • In indicating the elements found in compounds it is inconvenient to use such long names, and hence chemists have adopted a system of abbreviations.
  • The yeast plant thrives best at about 30 deg.; hence the necessity for having the dough in a warm place.
  • But it is not, we have seen, a passive impression; it is an act of the mind, and hence it is not necessitated.
  • We have successive experiences so important, that the new forgets the old, and hence the mythology of the seven or the nine heavens.
  • To him he talked as one schoolboy to a bigger one, because the gray-haired man had understanding, and hence sympathy.
  • I often ask this question, and am told that the whiteness renders the ceiling almost invisible; hence it is preferred.
  • A panelled structure, which is the strongest and best structure, is ignored; hence strong metal bindings are necessary.
  • Thus, in citrine we find two equivalents of yellow, and one each of red and blue; hence it is the yellow tertiary.
  • The dominion of the Assassins extended over large tracks of country; hence arose the necessity of appointing lieutenants.
  • The work of Fate cannot be done by a reed which is proverbially weak or by a stick which is cut cross-grained and hence will split easily.
  • My education was neither general nor thorough; hence I groped darkly with the psychological questions which were presented to me.
  • Certainly handwriting does not improve, hence all these failures and embarrassments to the Post Office.
  • But I would not hence infer that translating is not a laudable exercise; for a man may be worse and more unprofitably employed.
  • In the union station of Watertown of a decade hence one was to be able to go in through limited trains-de-luxe to almost any quarter of the land.

Definition of Hence

(archaic) from here, from this place, away | (archaic, figuratively) from the living or from this world | (archaic, of a length of time) in the future from now
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