Henchman In A Sentence

Definition of Henchman

A loyal and trusted follower or subordinate. | A person who supports a political figure chiefly out of selfish interests. | An assistant member of a criminal gang.

How To Use Henchman In A Sentence?

  • Jesus Mendoza was the henchman for one faction, but the other faction needed a henchman, too.
  • The henchman shrugged his shoulders and walked off, but if he had taken that bet, he would have lost.
  • When the henchman had left, he began a sharp questioning of the sentinel, and the noise did not begin again.
  • But Barbara could only say that he was a friend of hers, and a sort of henchman of their host for the evening.
  • That you and your brave henchman should wander off into the depths of France, there to perish in a dungeon or be hanged like felons?
  • So they bade the henchman Feargus to give three shouts, for every shout could be heard over three counties.
  • He had evinced unmistakable signs of discontent and boredom before his intellectual henchman had thus struck in on his behalf; and he was really gratified for the rescue.
  • Marvelled much that henchman bold, That his laud, so stout of old, Now so meekly pleaded.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Henchman | Henchman Sentence

  • Perfect henchman type.
  • In the afternoon the faithful henchman returned.
  • There was needed a strong-handed henchman in these cases.
  • The Henchman crosses his path.
  • Stung by the taunt the Henchman answers boldly.
  • The stout henchman was slow of speech as he was ready of hand.
  • The henchman would not be downed; again his voice rose above the others.

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