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  • Judge Henson is not at heart a criminal.
  • Henson (Mr.), 2, 202.
  • The biography of Matthew A. Henson.
  • E444.H41 217 Henson, Josiah.
  • I do not, I may say, quarrel with Canon Henson.
  • Henson, Josiah, 68.
  • Henson (H.H.), B.D., Canon of Westminster.
  • Henson (H. H.), B.D., Canon of Westminster.
  • Henson, Matthew, 69.
  • Le plan de M. Henson (qui fut d'abord consid
  • Mr. LESLIE HENSON, as I have hinted, allowed himself--and us--no rest.
  • S. D. HENSON
  • 218 Henson, Matthew A. A Negro explorer at the North Pole.

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  • When the cashier, Mr. Henson, got to the bank this morning everything apparently was all right.
  • Mr. Henson, in whose house I had left all my luggage, greeted me with open arms.
  • Judge Henson became involved in a quarrel with one of his neighbors over some trivial matter, and killed him.
  • Then Josiah Henson (the original of Uncle Tom) and Sojourner Truth issued their narratives.
  • For true amusement Mr. Charles Chaplin or Mr. Leslie Henson could give them sixty in a hundred.
  • Mr. Henson was again extremely kind, and pressed me to leave the tea-house and go and stay at his place, and after five months of "hard planks" I slept again in a comfortable bed.
  • Henson, completely discouraged, married and went to America; Stringfellow persisted, and in 1848 made a smaller model, ten feet in span, with airscrews sixteen inches in diameter.
  • He testifies, that he was well acquainted with Henry Bibb in Trimble County, Ky., and that he sent a letter to him by Thomas Henson, and got one in return from him.
  • If only Bishop Henson had stood his trial for heresy!--there would have been a seed of new life in this lifeless day.
  • Mr. Henson has also succeeded in establishing a traffic in gunpowder, by inventing a carriage of sheet iron, lined with wood, in which four-and-a-half tons of gunpowder can be conveyed without fear of explosion either from concussion or external combustion.
  • Mr. LESLIE HENSON was funny, and should be funnier still when the book has been cut down by about an hour and space allowed him for private developments.
  • In order to meet these evils, Mr. Henson, who has the charge of the waggon- building department at Camden, has built and patented a covered waggon with buffers, which unites with great strength, safety, capacity, and smoothness of motion.
  • Cayley's ideas were developed in practice by John Stringfellow, a manufacturer of lace machinery at Chard, in Somersetshire, and by his friend W. S. Henson, a young engineer.
  • How many of my readers, had they in the past, been surrounded by the same circumstances, subject to the same temptations, would not have acted in the same manner, and like judge Henson found a home in a convict's cell.
  • Even Mr. LESLIE HENSON, whose fun would be more effective if he didn't try so hard, feels that he must be at top pressure all the while with his face and his body and his words.
  • The pulpits both of the Church and of Non-conformity have been busy: Bishop Welldon, Dean Hensley Henson (a disbeliever), Bishop Taylor Smith (the Chaplain-General), and many other clergy have occupied themselves with the matter.
  • When my good friend the Bishop of Oxford addressed the Archbishop of Canterbury, imploring him to withhold consecration from Dr. Henson, he made a valiant and faithful protest against what he holds to be a flagitious action on the part of the Crown; but, knowing the respected occupant of Lambeth as well as he does, I think he must have anticipated the reply which, as a matter of fact, he received.
  • In 1844 two British inventors, Henson and String-fellow, working out the suggestions of Cayley, made an aeroplane model equipped with a steam engine which is said to have made a flight of forty yards--the first real upward flight of a heavier than air machine on record.
  • It consisted of the marriage-certificate of Frank Hillery and Louise Henson, dated December 12, 1895; the birth-certificate of Louise Francis
  • Everybody knows, however, that if the Bible were not already an accepted book--if we could read it with a fresh eye as a book written by real people like ourselves and only just published for the first time--it would leave most of us as profoundly shocked as Canon Hensley Henson, who, though he does not want to limit its circulation, is eager at least to expurgate it for the reading of simple persons.
  • Henning, John F., 456 Henry, Robert S., 906 Henry, Waights G., 409 Henson, Josiah, 217 about, 120 Henson, Matthew A., 218 about, 253
  • Bucks is coming, and is going to bring Brown and Henson and perhaps Atterbury and Gibbs and some New Yorkers; and McCloud's brother, the preacher, is coming out and they are all right--all of them."
  • "The next bout should conclude our programme," he said, "but I am asked to announce that Private Henson challenges Private Fry to box six two-minute rounds, backing himself for five francs against a small article of no intrinsic value."
  • "Arrival at Sullivan's Island, near Charleston, S.C., of Mr. Mason, Mr. Robert Holland, Mr. Henson, Mr. Harrison Ainsworth, and four others, in the Steering Balloon, 'Victoria,' after a passage of seventy-five hours from Land to Land!
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