Her Other In A Sentence

How To Use Her Other In A Sentence?

  • Before he had recovered himself she was scouring the plain with her other neighbour.
  • She took more pains over the preparation for this class than for any of her other lessons.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Her Other | Her Other Sentence

  • None of her other babies had smiled.
  • He caught her other arm.
  • They were like her other children.
  • The baby was on her other arm.
  • Elma turned on her other side.
  • She must have put it with some of her other jewels.
  • He never saw her other than content.
  • It seemed to dominate all her other faculties.
  • Her other letters lay unheeded before her.
  • He still held her other hand.
  • Gladys also clutched her other sleeve.
  • Gyda left him and went over to her other visitor.
  • The gentleman holds his wife by her other hand.
  • Phyllis freed herself and walked across to her other lover.
  • She drew on her other glove and held out her hand again.
  • Maggie gave her other reasons, such as they were.
  • With her other hand she brushed the tears off her cheeks.
  • With her other hand she clutched the back of the couch.
  • She put her other hand over it, and thought.
  • She changed, and stood on her other leg.
  • She stretched her other hand toward the broken branch.
  • And a second iron-hand grasped her other arm.
  • On her other side she found the man who looked amusing.
  • I could feel her other hand stray toward me.
  • She held out her other hand to Arnold.
  • Rhoda, with her other hand, brushed the tears away.
  • Her other great interest has been the folklore of Ireland.
  • Trembling, Sally introduced her other problem.
  • She turned to Captain Willis on her other side.
  • She started away to where her other brothers and sisters were.
  • He had caught her other hand now and was holding them both very tightly.
  • She was given to him because of the known failure of her other adorers.
  • John was on the other side of his wife holding her other hand.
  • Her other tastes for art and literature are distinctly hereditary.
  • With some of her other secrets she gave it to her lover for safe keeping.
  • Sara and her other friends stood knitting their brows in perplexity.
  • To her other good qualities she joined that of being a most excellent manager.
  • She was dressed for retiring, her other clothes being in the carriage.
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