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  • Her arms, which were loaded with bracelets, were resting on her thighs, which were covered by the long, red silk skirt that she wore.
  • And trembling with faintness, the black-eyed one supported herself on her thighs with her plump arms, becoming (her graceful form).
  • She trailed off and rubbed her palms on her thighs, a gesture I'd come to know in Lil, by and by.
  • And thus resting for support on her thighs resembling the trunk of an elephant, and which were in contact with each other, she suddenly dropped upon the ground, trembling like a plantain tree.
  • But she is storing up the wax under her stomach, and bee-bread in her thighs--for whom?
  • More recent observation has confirmed White's objection and has established the fact of the woodcock holding the young one between her thighs, the beak being apparently used to steady her burden.
  • But to arrive at this--the last and only consolation--a woman has to become rigidly encased from her thighs almost to her neck.
  • An elderly admirer of Camargo, seated on my left, told me that in her youth she could perform the 'saut de basque' and even the 'gargouillade', and that nobody had ever seen her thighs, although she always danced without drawers.
  • When the bee returns with pollen, she often makes a singular, dancing or vibratory motion, which attracts the attention of the other bees, who at once nibble away from her thighs what they want for immediate use; the rest she deposits in a cell for future need, where it is carefully packed down, and often sealed over with wax.
  • She was in the water up to her thighs, and she was just about to throw herself in, when sharp, pricking pains in her ankles made her jump back, and she uttered a cry of despair, for, from her knees to the tips of her feet, long, black leeches were sucking in her life blood, and were swelling, as they adhered to her flesh.
  • With her legs, she brushes it off from her body, and packs it in two hollows or _baskets_, one on each of her thighs: these baskets are surrounded by stouter hairs which hold the load in its place.
  • "But if you never saw her thighs, how do you know that she does not wear silk tights?"
  • she, a deep-wrung breast, clear-ringing cries of oppression; 125 Sometimes mournfully clomb to the mountain's rugged ascension, Straining thence her vision across wide surges of ocean; Now to the brine ran forth, upsplashing freshly to meet her, Lifting raiment fine her thighs which softly did open; Last, when sorrow had end, these words thus spake she lamenting, 130 While from a mouth tear-

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  • One round her legs, her thighs, her waist,

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