Herald In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Herald | Herald Sentence

  • He was the herald of the dawn.
  • As herald of the morn.
  • Wait until the herald comes again.
  • So the herald called again.
  • Timber and the herald of the dawn.
  • But who heard the herald now?
  • The herald stiffened.
  • So the herald besought her no more.
  • Now the herald was amazed at this.
  • The herald and his suite withdrew.
  • Tell the herald to call it from the housetops.
  • The herald raised his staff.
  • Her herald tabarded behold!
  • Of herald summoned thee.
  • The herald of the great king.
  • To the true herald it is very much more.
  • As the herald passed our door?
  • The herald pitched by the standard.
  • This leader was the herald of the storm.
  • The herald is calling for the javelin-casting.
  • The herald stepped forward and examined them.
  • Now what symptoms herald their return to activity?
  • A herald of the gods unto thee here.
  • See, the herald summons you.
  • The herald next turned to the captains.
  • The herald stepped forth with his trumpeters four.
  • The queen sent a herald for the king to come down.
  • The herald bowed low and made assent.
  • The herald bowed upon the withers of his horse.
  • The herald stepped forth followed by his trumpeters four.
  • Bacchus! cause this herald of evil to perish on his road!
  • The herald brought a written passport which, alas!
  • But he was, as he knew himself, the herald of the storm.
  • The Herald upset him terribly.
  • Then the herald summoned Elsa.

How To Use Herald In A Sentence?

  • How does Winter herald his approach?
  • And so saying the Herald cast down his warder.
  • Dr. Beaumont was himself the herald of his own return.
  • The Herald made three obeisances and retired.
  • The herald broke into a loud, harsh, derisive laugh.

Definition of Herald

(transitive) To proclaim or announce an event. | (transitive, usually passive) To greet something with excitement; to hail. | Alternative form of hareld (“long-tailed duck”)
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