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  • The word is used with the heraldic sense.
  • On his shield are borne six heraldic leopards or lions.
  • Many other heraldic mottoes have been associated with this celebrated device.
  • The artists of this period first introduced heraldic devices into the windows.
  • Need not trouble about the Heraldic Visitations, or the coat and crest.

How To Use Heraldic In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps it would not be erroneous to consider it identical with the heraldic antelope.
  • They were painted in heraldic colours, and gold, and nothing could be more decorative.
  • The stone, which had been built sideways into the wall, offered traces of heraldic sculpture.
  • The sword and cocoanut now form part of the heraldic arms belonging to Makassar.
  • A man playing the harp on a dolphin is the heraldic cognisance of the Walterton family.
  • The Alerion is a heraldic bird, represented as an eaglet displayed, but without beak or claws.
  • If confined to simple diaper work, or borderings and heraldic emblems, as shown in Figs.
  • But I heard about some heraldic fellow, and I got him to draw me up a Bannockburn pedigree.
  • The import of this seems to have been about the same as that of the drawn sword and the sheathed sword in modern heraldic designs.
  • The heraldic signification of the salamander was that of a brave and generous courage that the fire of affliction cannot destroy or consume.
  • It is usually represented exactly as an eagle in shape, but may be of any of the heraldic tinctures.
  • This collection is extremely rich in heraldic and genealogical matter, together with an abundance of astrology.
  • An old man possessed of the heraldic lore so common in that day examined the shield of arms on the panel.
  • By this means she preserved the identity of her clan, and with it, its heraldic and political rights.
  • There is really nothing wanting but this little heraldic blazon on the back to give her the appearance of a lady of the highest position.
  • They are chiefly used in ecclesiastical or heraldic embroidery; their great expense preventing their general use.
  • This error of our modern heraldic artists displays remarkable lack of proper knowledge of this mythical creature and his attributes.
  • The orphreys, or straight borders which go down both fronts of the cope, are decorated with heraldic charges.
  • Some heraldic authorities make the horns more like those of an ox, and the feet like a dragon's.
  • I shall be glad if some of your heraldic or antiquarian readers will give their opinions, and if they know of any authorities, to quote them.
  • The tiles on the floor, covered with curious heraldic emblems, are also now seen for the first time.
  • I have sometimes thought of a little book of grace-words and heraldic curses, printed with wide margins on the best of paper.
  • A fabulous beast like the heraldic antelope, but having the tail of a horse, and long horns of a goat curved backwards.
  • The walls were covered with paintings chiefly relating to the exploits of the lords of Hers, or filled up with heraldic blazonry.
  • The heraldic ornaments on the Syon Cope are especially interesting to all students of this graceful art.
  • Among the heraldic decorations are to be found the chevrons of the Clares, and the arms of the deceased Earl.
  • Some modern heraldic writers, however, discarding its classic references, regard it merely in the matter-of-fact light as an emblem of swiftness.
  • The Duke of Burgundy, by a similar heraldic fiction, conferred upon him his name and armorial bearings.
  • It would be of interest to trace these heraldic devices through the intervening ages, and along the devious ways by which they have come down to the present.
  • A plain form with an unbroken face, suffices; or initials, a device and motto, one or both; or hereditary heraldic designs may be preferred.
  • The helmet, or Heaume, entirely concealed the face, so that for purposes of identification, heraldic badges and shields were displayed.
  • An Index to all the Pedigrees and Arms in the Heraldic Visitations and other Genealogical MSS.
  • The following grant of heraldic distinctions appeared in the London Gazette of 11th September, 1816.
  • Heraldry is so full of these fantastic creatures, that, in some zoologies, we find a separate chapter or a supplement dedicated to what is denominated heraldic zoology.
  • Mediaeval bells have many curious inscriptions on them, which record the name of the donor, the bell-founder, together with heraldic and other devices.

Definition of Heraldic

(heraldry) of, or relating to heraldry or heralds

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