Herd In A Sentence

How To Use Herd In A Sentence?

  • And so the herd kept on toward the steep cliff.
  • I should so like to see a herd of wild horses.
  • Compare boiada, a herd of oxen.
  • My herd amounted to forty cows of every age.
  • Here was a mouse endeavoring to net a whole herd of lions.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Herd | Herd Sentence

  • How can we herd them in the mountains?
  • The herd had stampeded!
  • Like a herd of cattle!
  • The herd of elephants was in the forest as before.
  • The herd had stampeded and scattered.
  • The herd is drifting south of it now.
  • At length the herd divided.
  • The other was when a herd of caribou had crossed.
  • What officers does a herd of bison have?
  • The little herd had been swimming.
  • The entire herd declared that they were.
  • Til she had herd what was the lordes wille.
  • Then the herd of cattle came along.
  • A large part of the herd was lying down.
  • Truly a more miserable herd never was seen.
  • The entire herd seemed astir now.
  • It sounds like a herd or something.
  • Down through the valleys came a herd of buffalo.
  • There was a herd of swine feeding on the mountain.
  • She knew that the herd had nearly passed.
  • Think of the herd as it galloped up the river trail.
  • Slowly the great herd began to move.
  • Battey has the keeper signal to the herd with a firebrand.
  • Again the herd of buffaloes had come to that country.
  • The fleeing herd soon disappeared from view.
  • He had brought the herd north to summer pasture.
  • A herd of deer was feeding near the house.
  • While we were resting we espied another herd approaching.
  • But the herd of professional scientists fought shy of it.
  • They gave way before him like a herd of beasts.
  • The herd of cackling geese were crowding round her.
  • A herd of about thirty reindeer strayed around.
  • Phil saw the herd of antelope come nearer.
  • In a herd of wild cattle there will be no great milchers.
  • A herd happened to be on their way across the river.

Definition of Herd

(intransitive, Scotland) To act as a herdsman or a shepherd. | (transitive) To form or put into a herd. | (now rare) Someone who keeps a group of domestic animals; a herdsman.
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