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  • And between your farming and my herds of cattle, we ought to make a good living.
  • Hay, had one of the largest herds of shorthorns, which were mostly sold off some years ago.
  • Mr Skinner has improved his stock by drafts from the best herds in the country.
  • The cocks, ploughmen, herds and owls cannot, of course, at this late day be identified.
  • Buffalo gnats and tsetse were very troublesome on this march, owing to the numerous herds of game in the vicinity.
  • If pasture is good, so many herds are pastured there that soon the grass is all trampled down and eaten off.
  • Such walls are no real protection, but serve to keep the flocks and herds from nocturnal depredators.
  • Further on were considerable fields green with springing corn; also we saw herds of cattle grazing on the slopes.
  • In walking along the shore we counted fifty-two herds of buffaloe and three of elk, at a single view.
  • The boy then drove his two herds of cows to a place where they could graze, and afterwards took them to the river to drink.
  • It was dusk, however, when the herds were discovered, so that the hunt had to be postponed to the following day.
  • Large herds of cattle are reared on it; for where the ground is not covered with marshy plants it produces rich, sweet grass.
  • There were herds of swine where the old oak forests had not yet been cut, but the swine-herd is usually not reckoned among songsters.
  • On every side, near and remote, from out the short grass which the herds are cropping, the strain rises.
  • Later in the pastoral stage of society, as the wealth of flocks and herds increases, more pasturage is needed and similar results follow.
  • Several small herds of buffalo were sighted, and some few officers and men were allowed to go with Cody in chase.
  • The passing deer herds brought in their wake packs of big gray and black timber wolves, and the country was soon infested with these animals.
  • It was evening, and having driven his two herds of cattle into their pen, he had sat down, and was employed in dressing his long hair.
  • The Blackfeet allies often moved in great numbers from place to place when searching for the herds of buffalo or tracking some enemy tribe.
  • The carters and herds were, he told me, the people who partook of this repast, and every man ate his own lamb, leaving little but the bones.
  • Several herds of cattle met us on our road to Brieg, accompanying their masters to the mountain chalets, and fairly beset us with their attentions.
  • Thus the Indian in his primitive state was doomed, as were the vast herds of buffalo which then roamed, unopposed, over the far-reaching prairies.
  • This is as it should be; the pasturer of flocks and herds and the hunters of wild beasts are two very different bodies, with very different policies.
  • They live, like the Assiniboins, in leather tents, follow the herds of buffaloes, of which they sometimes kill great numbers in their parks.
  • Within the houses or hovels the families are huddled irregularly, with all their appurtenances, and in winter the flocks and herds are in subterranean pens beneath.
  • The herds that were scattered over the first were almost lost in the height of the vegetation, and the ranges served as natural barriers to prevent them from straying away.
  • They are good house-wives; they sit often at the embroidery frame, and they have wisdom in flocks and herds and they are before all fruitful mothers.
  • By this "new-light," 'Bout which our herds sae aft hae been Maist like to fight.
  • The undivided Aryans were a pastoral people, who wandered with their herds as the Hebrew patriarchs wandered in Canaan.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Herds | Herds Sentence

  • And herds of beasts to hear him.
  • In this watered valley are immense herds of cattle.
  • Of phantom herds of bison lurking on her midnight trails.
  • This entailed the bringing up to the line of herds of live goats.
  • The growing herds naturally develop the need of regular service.
  • On the western plains great herds of thousands of sheep and cattle are raised.
  • Rounds up 'strays,' and herds 'em to their right homes.
  • Their fame is European; they own the largest herds of shorthorns in the world.
  • They have herds of cows, and malt, wheat, bacon, butter, and cheese.
  • For Hermes, god of herds and flocks, see Preller, i. 322-325.
  • My herds will rest easier now that he is gone," he said feelingly.

Definition of Herds

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of herd | plural of herd
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