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  • A constitutional and hereditary monarchy was established.
  • Virtue was a hereditary trait of the Edghams.
  • For his was not an imbecility either hereditary or constitutional.
  • The hereditary or aristocratic process has killed this entirely.
  • That little dot of nine and a half full of such hereditary tendencies.
  • These landed proprietors, therefore, became hereditary legislators.
  • So much for the Eastern Black walnut's evidence of hereditary influence.

How To Use Hereditary In A Sentence?

  • Perhaps hundreds of thousands of years of hereditary materialism are against us.
  • The following is an outline of the most widely accepted view of the hereditary process.
  • Hence it follows that the hereditary traits must be particularly associated with the chromosomes.
  • So should he have exhaled the natural fragrance of a late-blooming flower of hereditary honour.
  • But a still more potent factor was the conservatism of the hereditary Irish poet families.
  • From these reports it is plain to be seen that for all mental development an hereditary physical growth of the cerebrum is indispensable.
  • He was in love with a young girl who had never given him a thought except as a sort of hereditary friend.
  • Secondly, it utterly fails to explain the marvels of cell division with resulting hereditary transmission.
  • Thou hast in thee some germs of their hereditary genius, but they are choked up by worse than thy hereditary vices.
  • Indeed, the chicks that come from these eggs resemble those of the mother herself; thus the eggs have hereditary properties.
  • In the fall of 1837 Chopin yielded to a severe attack of the disease which was hereditary in his frame.
  • She felt a rival and an enemy, and all the hereditary combativeness of her Northern blood was roused.
  • There may have been already a scheme to trade upon the hereditary right of Powhatan's daughter.
  • In the rude tribes of the Tengger, hereditary faith reflects the uncompromising features of local environment.
  • The family of the Marshalls derived their name from the hereditary office of earl marshall, which they held under the crown.
  • There are three classes of persons who stand between the people and Lumawig, and to-day all hold an hereditary office.
  • This fiery warrior, though he could not venture to cope with forces far superior to his own, sallied out to break a lance with his hereditary foe.
  • These gypsies came from India, where caste is established and callings are hereditary even among out-castes.
  • Add to this hereditary rectitude, the punctuality and precise dealing which commerce creates, and you have the English truth and credit.
  • Then, again, in the Nou-su tribe there are various hereditary distinctions enabling a man to claim caste advantage.
  • They were married young, and settled upon the hereditary estate of my mother, which consisted of a well-improved Virginia plantation.
  • Moreover, no hereditary nobility, no classes separated by distinctions of birth, exist in this country, as in India.
  • The Mexican nation adopts as its form of government a limited hereditary monarchy, with a Catholic prince.
  • Armies, and navies, and enterprise, and numbers, with a sound hereditary government, may for a time give prosperity to a dissolute immoral people.
  • It is of all modes of flattery the most effectual, to be told that you can regulate the affairs of another kingdom better than its hereditary proprietors.
  • The reigning family of Persia are the hereditary chiefs of the royal Kajar tribe, and still preserve the customs of that position.
  • In the first place, it is evident that the chromosomes form the part of the cell which contain the hereditary traits handed down from parent to child.
  • During his lonely sojourn in this remote portion of his hereditary dominions, he is said to have employed himself in making a survey and delineating a map of the island.
  • For a month she had avoided the woman with the hairy lip, and then the death of her mother had removed the only moral barrier that stood between her and hereditary impulse.
  • They obtained possession of the khalifat A.D. 750, and retained it through an hereditary succession of princes for 500 years.
  • Each time it comes up again, the union officials try to get a larger cut of the pie and the hereditary heads of Carbonaceous Fuel resist.
  • Alessandro de' Medici, made first hereditary duke of Florence 1531, assassinated 1537.
  • In my native country I am of high hereditary rank, though I am poor enough and occupy a somewhat menial position here.

Definition of Hereditary

Passed on as an inheritance, by last will or intestate. | Of a title, honor or right: legally granted to somebody's descendant after that person's death. | Of a person: holding a legally hereditary title or rank.
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