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  • It would have been flat heresy to do so.
  • Without heresy there could have been no progress.
  • And what does a trial for heresy mean?
  • This heresy must be exorcised now and forever.
  • No thought, no progress, no heresy there.
  • He was the last man burned for heresy in England.
  • The first to charge him with heresy was Bishop Brask.
  • That's the most ghastly heresy of all.
  • The heresy of the stylelessness is considerably older than that.
  • I hold a peculiar heresy as to the use hereafter of what we learn here.
  • When he had power, heresy was the most terrible and formidable of words.
  • For heresy can never be kept off by force; another grip is wanted for that.
  • They believed that religion was of God, and all heresy of the devil.
  • For Khunaten, and his heresy of the disk in Thebes, see Brugsch, op.

How To Use Heresy In A Sentence?

  • This surely was the heresy of an inquisitive mind, not the mood of a theologian.
  • I am well aware that it sounds something little short of a heresy to make this declaration.
  • As early as 1845, he was tried for heresy in this country, and acquitted.
  • The rapid spread of heresy throughout the churches is creating genuine dismay in many quarters.
  • They are the dead leaves under the majestic palm, while heresy is the bud and blossom at the top.
  • This heresy penetrates even into universities; it is found in books of orthodox economy.
  • The blame of heresy and witchcraft was cast on Joan, and on her king as an accomplice.
  • He had openly boasted at the Vatican that the Greek heresy would soon vanish from Czernova.
  • This is the natural consequence of the great fundamental heresy which places reason and revelation in opposition to each other.
  • He detested all rebellion from the spiritual authority of the popes; he hated both heresy and schism.
  • Against such a truth, defended with such bulwarks, both infidelity and heresy dash themselves with impotent rage in vain.
  • My medical brethren considered the scheme only as they would consider an invasion of smallpox or a heresy whose methods were a danger to life.
  • Perhaps it is not quite fair to call it the heresy of stylelessness: it would be more accurate to describe it as the heresy of style without pains.
  • And so heresy was converted into orthodoxy by the magical power of an emperor at the expense of the infallibility of Vigilius.
  • And this may indeed be termed the first heresy in that it struck its roots right up into Apostolic times.
  • The heresy was worse than Antinomian that would cavil at feelings allowed by common consent to be divinely delicious.
  • For, dangerous as the heresy of style was forty or fifty years ago, the newer heresy of sylelessness is more dangerous still.
  • Of course that ancient heresy has long ceased to trouble; there are none now who deny that Jesus was a man.
  • But her employer never permitted such a thought to enter her own mind; it seemed almost as unthinkable as a heresy against her Faith.
  • The heresy of Pelagius, and the countless forms of kindred errors, would not have infested human thought.
  • And we firmly deny and contradict, one and all of us, all manner of heresy and evil doings, contrary to the faith of holy church.
  • To name him beside or above Wordsworth, the great consecrated bard of his period, is certainly a heresy of no small order.
  • I would therefore suggest the establishment of the Holy Inquisition, by which alone heresy can be rooted out.
  • I have just had from Johannes Magni a letter on exterminating heresy which fills my soul with joy....
  • I grieve, however, to tell you that the heresy which had its birth in Germany has spread its branches across this kingdom....
  • If either Erasmus or I ever build a house of our own we shall eschew the hardwood-floor heresy as we would a pest.

Definition of Heresy

(religion) A doctrine held by a member of a religion at variance with established religious beliefs, especially dissension from Roman Catholic dogma. | A controversial or unorthodox opinion held by a member of a group, as in politics, philosophy or science.
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