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  • Of course the heretics would be punished forever.
  • But should even unrepentant heretics be put to death?
  • And these Nestorines were the worst heretics of the world.
  • He persecuted heretics like a mediaeval Catholic divine.
  • Bishop Gerhard, converts the heretics of Arras, 60.
  • He proposed going on dealing with the heretics in his own way.
  • The princes were to imprison all heretics and confiscate their property.
  • These heretics were known everywhere by their fasting and abstinence.
  • They endeavored to terrorize heretics by the specter of the stake.
  • The heretics who abjured during this period were treated with leniency.
  • It was hereabouts that a great burning of heretics took place in 1557.
  • Thereafter the blood of the heretics was the cement of Christian unity.
  • Here we were heretics amid the orthodox, and I felt it myself.
  • The heretics soon heard of the prohibition issued by Gaudama to his disciples.
  • The last two in England who died by fire as heretics were men of this class.
  • The heretics these are, the wizards, who The city ruin and the country too.
  • One of the most famous heretics of the twelfth century was Peter of Bruys.
  • These heretics were condemned by the Council of Nice, in 325.
  • In the month of July, sixty heretics were sent to the stake at Verona.
  • These heretics were executed by the orders of Henry III, and in his presence.

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  • They killed heretics in defence of their own souls and the souls of their children.
  • Let it be remembered that all churches have persecuted heretics to the extent of their power.
  • Who excommunicate their heretics or give dispensations to their faithful oftener.
  • Next to heretics in the bosom of the commonwealth heretic neighbors were especially abhorrent.
  • The legal punishment for heretics throughout the empire was death at the stake.
  • I have said the ancient heretics asserted that the present gospels were forgeries.
  • If that be so, why not at once condemn all heretics to death, even when repentant?
  • Out of fifty-two of his sentences, twenty-seven heretics were sentenced to life imprisonment.
  • This theory does not permit the Church to abandon impenitent heretics to the secular arm.
  • We should overcome heretics with books, not with fire, as the old Fathers did.
  • The Pope here tries to defend the use of torture, by classing heretics with thieves and murderers.
  • In fact about 1200, nearly all the heretics of western Europe were considered Cathari.
  • The Bishop, Moranis, had allowed a large community of heretics to grow up about him.
  • Christianity has given to barbarism hardly more than its superstition and its hatred of heretics and unbelievers.
  • Can they use those copyrights to discipline heretics or critics who insist on quoting the scripture in full?
  • They must be neither paupers nor heretics upon the point of the people's sovereignty.
  • The religionists of our time are occupying about the same ground occupied by heretics and infidels of one hundred years ago.
  • Dismayed at such a wonderful sign, the heretics fled in every direction to conceal their shame and confusion.
  • In fact, the execution of heretics which occurred during the eleventh and twelfth centuries were due to the impulse of the moment.

Definition of Heretics

plural of heretic
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