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  • Smith resorted to heroic measures.
  • There was an expression of heroic tension.
  • We are fortified by every heroic anecdote.
  • This conception is connected with the heroic genealogies.
  • Sad was your fate, heroic band!
  • Saga: myth or heroic story.
  • Doth he alone to his heroic breast Clasp the impossible?
  • There was something heroic in her cool acceptance of her hard life.
  • It is any thing, however, but an heroic representation of a battle.
  • I cited the instinctive and heroic races as proud believers in Destiny.
  • Thus far an Epicurean might well go, and must go in an epic of the heroic age.
  • He took three or four heroic whiffs--then gave it up.
  • This heroic adventure of David is the subject of Michelangelo's statue.

How To Use Heroic In A Sentence?

  • Philip was not the man to advise in a matter which at the time required a heroic faith.
  • I was in the position of a surgeon who has to risk everything upon one heroic stroke of the knife.
  • These words, pronounced in a loud heroic voice, made all the puppets who were present cry.
  • She would learn to laugh, even if it took heroic effort; men liked you to laugh.
  • Our Colonel is a grand old man, with bright eagle eyes, and the heroic manner.
  • Of a time more fair May the remembrance animate our hearts To fresh heroic deeds.
  • There were aspects of that unquenchable agitation that were absolutely heroic and aspects that were absolutely pitiful.
  • A huddle of exaggeration and emphasis, it has all the vices of the melodramatic heroic pictures of the period.
  • The heroic legends and romances are the most interesting and the best-known portions of the newly-recovered literature.
  • The same traditions and genealogies bound the tribes together as having a single heritage of heroic descent and fame.
  • He knew there were heroic women; but he had not supposed that with all their heroism they carried themselves with such sang-froid.
  • The kind of traditional fictions here described as heroic and romantic may be divided into three main categories.
  • But for these heroic men thus grasping them they would have been sucked back into the sea and drowned in the receding waters.
  • If she is sometimes the cause of a crime, is she not always the cause of the most heroic deeds performed by man?
  • It is a fact beyond all question that this branch of the service has produced some of the most truly unselfish and heroic figures of the whole war.
  • But it was enough for that white-clad figure to stand revealed in the thickest of the carnage to animate the men to heroic effort.
  • They were men of a heroic and even in some instances, desperate character, in spite of their oath of service.
  • Again, we must not fancy that if heroic exploits of political assassination do not occur every week the movement will die out.
  • For the old order was not merely the outward form of the conservative principle, it was also the fruit of heroic tradition.
  • The less said about it the better; but you may take it on my authority that love can always be revived by heroic treatment.
  • It must be remembered that he came of a race of women who had, so to speak, habitually lived heroic lives.
  • By this means, without further research, we may account for the similarity of the stuff of heroic myths and marchen.
  • In the heroic times of chivalry men drew their swords for the sake of women; in these modern prosaic ones they draw their cheques.
  • We need not record here the heroic defense and stubborn fighting of the Confederate forces, and their unfortunate capture afterwards.
  • Well, there is a phase in every love affair, a sort of heroic hysteria, when death and ruin are agreeable additions to the prospect.
  • Infirm though he was, he would attack, with madly heroic courage, dogs ten times his size and was regularly and terribly thrashed by them.
  • These particulars compromised nobody; Favras corrected his last will after writing it, and went to the scaffold with heroic courage and coolness.

Definition of Heroic

Of or relating to a hero or heroine; supremely noble | Courageous; displaying heroism. | (sculpture) Of a size larger than life, but less than colossal.
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