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  • Dickerman saw two Great Blue Herons in a marshy area at San Marcos (=20 mi.
  • On Yarrow's banks let herons feed, Hares couch, and rabbits burrow!

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  • The cranes require a slit in the skin at the back of the head, but the herons do not.
  • This species breed in small colonies in marshy places, often in company with herons and ibises.
  • Their nesting habits are identical with those of the other small Herons and Egrets.
  • On lots of the house-tops and chimney-tops the herons have built their nests; this was most interesting to see.
  • At dusk on the evening of October 23, 1915, two Black-crowned Night Herons came winging along.
  • And forever after the braves of the confederate nations made choice of the plumes of the white herons as their most appropriate military ornament.
  • There are mud flats on either side of the wide channel, where herons and sea-fowl greatly congregate.
  • This is one of the beautiful Herons which have been sought by plume hunters till they are upon the verge of extermination.
  • Dey am not stohks and dey am not herons notwidstanding, but see, sah, ebery man he am his own canoe!
  • Then he thought about the long-legged herons he had seen fishing in the water; then about their own fishing, and what capital fish the smelts were.
  • The necks of some herons are so excessively wide and thin that it requires three tow-wrapped wires wound together thus to give the necessary width.
  • They have a greater diversity of building sites, than do any of the other Herons and frequently nest a long ways from water.
  • Men who have not observed proper discipline, and have not gained treasure in their youth, perish like old herons in a lake without fish.
  • Indeed it is the only other bird which nests in colonies of such extent, but there is this marked difference between herons and rooks, that the former are sociable only in the colony.
  • As I stood watching the frail bark gliding away, two herons perched upon it, and it soon glided out of sight laden with its winged passengers.
  • Dimly they could discern the tall figures of herons standing upon the sand-banks, and farther off the line of riverside date-palms glided past them in a majestic procession.
  • The story of the boy chums hunting the blue herons and the pink and white egrets for their plumes in the forests of Florida is full of danger and excitement.

Definition of Herons

plural of heron
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