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  • The herring season is very short.
  • The herring come next in importance to the cod.
  • But it had drawn a red herring across his track.
  • Narii Herring understood.
  • Here are the great cod, mackerel, and herring fisheries.
  • Narii Herring walked leisurely along the sand.
  • The soft roe of a herring is a tasty morsel (thing).
  • In company with Herring he joined Langley in 1905.
  • On the table was a small gong, which Mrs Herring rang.
  • And then there is this half a herring and boiled bird-seed arrangement.
  • Kumaishi is said to be the best district for herring fishing along that coast.
  • Pendleton Herring (A); 28Jul69; R466584.
  • And she is loaded with herring also and saileth on the morrow toward noon.
  • They hung around her like a passel of gulls around a herring boat.
  • What price gave these warsmen for thy herring the morn, gossip?
  • The herring fishing had failed, and the potato crop had suffered a blight.
  • But herring and salmon trout did not satisfy us; we wanted brook trout, too.
  • Only Onkel Heinrich continued to eat herring salad with insulting emphasis.
  • The larger ones are Herring Gulls, and the smaller ones are Terns.
  • Suddenly Mrs Herring said she must be going, and Ada got up to leave.

How To Use Herring In A Sentence?

  • Some are marked in herring bone fashion and others have transverse indentations.
  • It was more comfortable than being packed like a herring in a barrel in a bell tent.
  • If the after taste of the herring is insipid, more insipid still is the smell of this foulness.
  • Some herring were on board, forming part of the stores, and these were taken for bait.
  • We began with a herring salad: delicately flavoured saltiness in scallops of lettuce-leaves.
  • The doctor shall not harm you, even if he has to go without his herring and salad to-day.
  • Mr Herring greatly keeps up the character of this exhibition in his peculiar line.
  • This is called the "large herring fishery," from the greater size of the fish in these parts.
  • Ada nodded to show that she understood that the late Mr Herring was a brute and a tyrant.
  • And where the herring spawn, The blue sky opens to let through Thine own majestic swan.
  • And yet I heard later that he was nothing but a Bismarck herring importer from Hoboken.
  • The final years of his life were passed in a small house in Herring (now Bleecker) Street.
  • It is an Old World species and its nesting habits and eggs are like those of the Herring Gull.
  • Similar to the Herring Gull, but with the mantle darker, but not so dark as in the Western Gull.
  • They walked up Regent Street, as Mrs Herring said she wanted to buy a thimble.
  • Although it is not much larger than the herring it can make fatal attacks on man when in large numbers.
  • He changed the subject of conversation by drawing a powerfully attractive red herring across the trail.
  • She has a pot on her knee and holds it with her right hand, while in her left she offers a herring for sale.
  • To the right is seen a glimpse of the tiny haven, famous in bygone times for its productive herring fishery.
  • Commenced work in 1893 with Dr. Graham Bell, and later, Herring and Chanute.

Definition of Herring

A type of small, oily fish of the genus Clupea, often used as food. | Fish in the family Clupeidae. | Fish similar to those in genus Clupea, many of those in the order Clupeiformes.
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