Hers In A Sentence

Definition of Hers

plural of her | That which belongs to her; the possessive case of she, used without a following noun.

How To Use Hers In A Sentence?

  • Germany cannot offer what is not hers to offer.
  • His arm was about her and hers was on his shoulder.
  • May she and hers be alway fortunate!
  • That was the case with flagrancies of hers sometimes.
  • Thrust close to hers in most unpleasant wise.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hers | Hers Sentence

  • It had been hers for a week or more.
  • Joy was hers in the morning!
  • The desert was hers now.
  • He was as much hers as she was his.
  • Jill has written that hers were.
  • Me in hers or her in mine?
  • It was hers entirely.
  • Somebody of hers was ill there.
  • She had not put out hers for it.
  • This marriage of hers proves it.
  • But hers are family letters.
  • Any gown of hers cost more than that.
  • Lucia took hers to the window.
  • Mirandy had hers as well as the rest.
  • Dil eyed hers askance.
  • There was no such business as hers in that neighbourhood.
  • The fault was hers as much as his.
  • Magnetically hers flashed to meet them.
  • She stopped hers to talk.
  • Was it still hers to win?
  • Betty took hers with the others.
  • She gave hers readily.
  • But hers fell again to the book.
  • The face was hers and yet not hers.
  • It shall be hers if she says so.
  • Resolution such as hers was not easily broken down.
  • In hers was puzzled questioning.
  • And how does that mother of hers get on?
  • Teresa puts hers out next.
  • There was a fire in hers that was contagious.
  • Was there a word of hers that he had forgotten!
  • The regiment was hers officially now.
  • I beg hers with all my heart.
  • She took it in both of hers and held it.
  • What business was it of hers to fly at me?

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