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  • I would rather give them away than hack and hew them.
  • He knew better than to attempt to hew rocks with a razor.
  • Ambition, hew thy rocky stair!
  • He will hew a path, or make others hew it for him.
  • Ought a prophet of God to hew a captured king in pieces?
  • I ought to have known better than to hew at this stuff with it.
  • The astounded brothers were dragged away to hack and hew and carry.
  • And I didst swear to hew thee limb from limb, thou insolent dog.
  • If my own neck had stood in the way, I would have said, Hew it off!
  • By Hew Scott, D.D. Vol. II., pp.
  • XXXIV "Young Hew of Lincoln!

How To Use Hew In A Sentence?

  • Now take your hatchet and hew the two sides of the block down exactly to this outline.
  • All of which goes to prove that a divinity shapes our ends, rough hew them how we may.
  • She talked good common sense, and hew as the subject, for it was all about a hypocrite.
  • One may hew wood or quarry rocks, or he may be a worker among jewels and precious stones.
  • No; take your axe, go out to the wood a little earlier than usual, and you can hew him out one.
  • Now, yesterday I broke my axletree, and I go and hew out a new one of green wood.
  • Great Sculptor, hew and polish us; nor let, Hidden and lost, thy form within us lie!
  • It is their business to hew down the wilderness, and prepare the way for a different class who will surely follow them.
  • We found that the undergrowth had been renewed to such an extent that his old track was indistinguishable, and we had to hew our every step.
  • There is no necessity for us to fall; we can hew out our destiny for ourselves, if only we have the wit and the courage and the honesty.
  • He chopped off two sections a little over five feet in length, and then proceeded to hew one swiftly into a board.
  • To get the side elevation, sketch out on the side of this block a side-view outline of the skull, and then hew down to that.
  • He was put down in a little plot of cleared ground hemmed in by mighty forests, and made to hew out a home in a vast world of enemies.
  • It is in principle to forsake the Fountain of living waters, and hew out for ourselves broken cisterns which can hold no water.
  • It is a fine thing when a young man, born to travel the speedway of luxury, voluntarily leaves it to hew out a pathway for himself through life.
  • He was plainly a man who was accustomed to hew his own way through life, despising the trodden paths, overcoming all obstacles by grim persistence.
  • And with nerves strung like iron, and hearts swelled to desperation, we waited in silence for the savages to hew their way through the door.
  • You ought to know how to hew a short cut to him, Truedale; you did some hacking through underbrush yourself.
  • This sword shall plane the furrows of thy brows, And hew these knees that now are grown so stiff.
  • And the fate of him and his people seemed fixed for all coming time To hew the wood of the helot and draw the waters of strife.
  • In the wind one should hew wood, in a breeze row out to sea, in the dark talk with a lass: many are the eyes of day.
  • He remarks that they hew at each other till they are ankle deep in blood and then leaves them, still fighting, while he turns to Theseus.
  • Then bade the King his men hew the ice and release his ships into the lake, and so went the men and set to work to hew the ice.
  • He set to work to hew out a hut in an iceberg, aided by Johnson, and really they looked like men digging their own tomb.
  • The Spaniards were compelled to hew their way with sword and axe, scale rugged precipices, and ford the torrents of numerous rivers.
  • But there are bare rocks along Eagle Creek to-day large enough for a man to hew a cabin from.
  • Ingleby was proud, and content to possess his soul in patience until he had shown that he could hold his own with his fellows and hew his own way to fortune.
  • It seems as if water had had more power at some former period than now, to hew and tear its passage through such an immense ledge of rock as here withstood it.
  • They had no tools left but the axes which they had carried in their hands to the rafts, but with these they could hew some sort of shelter out of the loose logs in the lake.

Definition of Hew

(transitive, intransitive) To chop away at; to whittle down; to mow down. | (transitive) To shape; to form. | (transitive, US) To act according to, to conform to; usually construed with to.
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