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How To Use Hideous In A Sentence?

  • Here was their friend menaced by a hideous death, and they found themselves powerless to help him.
  • We have, indeed, only a hideous human face with a marginal excrescence of leafage.
  • Poets that prick up their ears at their own hideous braying are no better than Asses.
  • And girls and boys, with hideous noise, Ran through the streets half naked.
  • The stigma and reproach, the hideous mask will be taken off, and men will see each other as they are.
  • I think of you always, and my thoughts are like the flowers of which we see nothing in these hideous huts.
  • After vainly pulling and jerking for some time, he looked down into the water and saw a hideous face grinning at him.
  • The mass of rock and foliage are quite out of character with the bit of tame village scene, and the hideous figures.
  • My father ordered him thrown down stairs, and in revenge he managed to have me given a powder which changed me into this hideous shape.
  • Even the hideous farce in the fancy of digesting a whole man with the exception of his hat, seemed only to simplify the nightmare.
  • Finally, an image of the god was made out of paste, and this was divided into morsels and eaten in a hideous sacrament by those who communicated.
  • The falling twilight gave a hideous jog to our memory, and would not let us forget that we lived in a nation of shopkeepers.
  • These it was who formed that hideous Court, whose judgments have now been set aside with contumely and loathing.
  • Nothing can be much more repulsive than these hideous incidents to the genius, for example, of Homer.
  • The old hag showed her toothless gums in a hideous smile, the woman that was left in the dried shell still tickled at the reference to marriage.
  • At last a hoarse voice answered him, and from the hollow trunk of a lime-tree appeared a hideous man with green eyes and terrible teeth.
  • Kirmanshah, which is said to be a favourable specimen of a Persian town, is absolutely hideous and uninteresting.
  • But suddenly, before he was aware, a wave of remorseful shame came over him, and he sprang to his feet as one awaking from some hideous dream.
  • His green eyes looked out from under a golden crown, and his hideous claws clutched the air with rage when he saw the Prince.
  • These were imagined by the Greeks as hideous old hags who lived in perpetual darkness and had one eye and one tooth which they used in common.
  • My first thought was that I had been arrested, but ere the lapse of a few moments the hideous truth became impressed forcibly upon me.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hideous | Hideous Sentence

  • He makes a hideous spectacle.
  • Pinkey made a hideous grimace.
  • There was of a surety hideous treachery somewhere!
  • How hideous beside beauty showeth hideousness!
  • Satan in this case assumed his usual hideous garb.
  • A hideous scream came from the ghostly ranks.
  • You say this hideous farce may not be stopped!
  • A ghastly, hideous duenna!
  • The other man bled freely from a hideous scalp wound.
  • I have such hideous dreams when I do get to sleep.
  • And naught but hideous ashes forth I bore!
  • To Mrs. Orban it was a hideous nightmare of awful anxiety.
  • Beneath the floor, With hideous noise, The devils roar!
  • And yet that face smiled and bowed with a hideous politeness.
  • That hideous growl of the tumbling waters carried its own warning.
  • Hair standing on end he watched the hideous object rise to the surface.
  • At last the voices died away, and the hideous cries of the besiegers ceased.
  • It borrows the language of Scripture to express the most hideous error.
  • The old woman, with a hideous smile, whispers something in the man's ear.

Definition of Hideous

Extremely or shockingly ugly. | Having a very unpleasant or frightening sound | Hateful; shocking.
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