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  • I rank myself too high for that.
  • We pay high for our principles.
  • It is too lucid and too high for pity.
  • He stood too high for attack.
  • The clamor is high for some appointment.
  • Nobody pays high for a probability of being massacred.
  • They did nothing too high for us to imitate.
  • The room was rectangular and too high for its width.
  • There are others who ride too high for these misfortunes.
  • No education is too wide or too high for a mother.
  • This figure is extremely high for a single regiment.
  • Tenants strike when house rents rise too high for them.
  • You see, it seemed to be flying a bit high for me.
  • Wages are very high for butchers, carpenters, and bakers.
  • Thou art now too high for me, death makes us even.
  • It is too high for me, for all I am so big....
  • She's checked up too high for me.
  • I can conceive of no barrier too high for my love to surmount.
  • They'd pay high for him both ways.
  • The benefits paid out are too high for the rates of contribution paid in.
  • Listen, we're too high for the boys down below.
  • They were looked on as men who played high for a great stake.
  • They have shaken it out and hoisted it very high, for they have little wind.
  • The evening was delightful and hopes ran high for an uninterrupted voyage.
  • Fortunately, the bushes were far too thick and high for the bull to leap over.
  • That may be cheap for a gravestone, but it seems rather high for a book.
  • Poultry flies rather high for the time of year, and grouse is also up.
  • The price of what he had wanted to do was becoming unendurably high for Conn.
  • Though, therefore, the theme is too high for us, yet we will venture forward.
  • Smiling and kind, you grace a shelf Too high for me to reach myself.
  • Sim Gage wiped off his face, finding the temperature high for him.

How To Use High For In A Sentence?

  • Their guns which they could bring to bear were trained high for the purpose mentioned.
  • Their percentages are high for the shorter time periods and low for the longer periods.
  • It is too high for human thought; yet nowhere else is the mind so exalted and ennobled.
  • Land on the Brule was held at a premium and landseekers were bidding high for relinquishments.
  • The difficulties of the next morning were severe, but our courage was high, for our goal was near.
  • The bell was too high for Prince to reach it or he might have learned to ring it.
  • The terms are very high, very high for France; but there is absolutely every comfort.
  • The ceiling was a bit too high for me to tackle, but I assumed that it, too, was steel.
  • I wished for a grateful and thankful heart to praise the Lord God on high for all his mercies!
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