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  • So we went down the hill with glad hearts.
  • And from the hill here, it is so much more glorious!
  • She climbed a high hill hoping to find a spring.
  • Which is easier for a farmer to plow, a hill or a plain?
  • Dunbar, Rev. Rowland Hill at, 261.
  • Some hill houses have them, but they are rare in the plains.
  • I couldn't tell a hill from a hollow.
  • They rode over a little hill that for a moment put them out of sight.
  • In her path down the hill there lay a rabbit almost dead from thirst.
  • They are escorted down the hill to the river, and back to prison.
  • The sun was setting far away behind a hill on the other side of the creek.
  • Which is the pleasantest place for a summer home, upon a hill or upon a plain?
  • He affected short khaki shorts, as suitable for the soldier in hill warfare.
  • One day Lawrence stood on a hill overlooking the valley of La Belle.
  • They would dash down the hill and dispute Brant's passage of the river.
  • Oh, no:--241 Hill Street.

How To Use Hill In A Sentence?

  • You see the details of a hill in the distance so clearly that it seems far nearer than it is.
  • Crossing the foot-bridge below the house I ascended the hill on the other side.
  • The cooli would be a native of some hill district of India (Panch, for instance, or Darjiling).
  • In a moment he was sending stones up the hill with such rapidity that the group above him were thrown into confusion.
  • Scarcely had they rode over the brow of the hill when two sentinels they had not seen before suddenly showed themselves on the road.
  • Wheeling, he went down the hill like the wind, while his pursuers broke after him with shouts of triumph.
  • Now a well-defined track began to disclose itself running in easy curves down the hill and along the rocky bottom.
  • During the battle he stood on a neighboring hill and chanted a war song, to further fill his warriors with courage and enthusiasm.
  • The opposite hills were higher than the hill under which the cottage was built, and frowned above it in heavy overhanging masses of rock.
  • Then the rain and the thunder burst loose and the waiting town swarmed up the hill in the glare of the lightning like an invasion of ants.
  • When the loud roll of the drum was heard, all the people went to the log fort on the hill which was used as a meeting house.
  • On a neighbouring hill he had had a castle built with lofty, square towers, from the corners of which rose still loftier turrets.
  • And if we do, you'll see us ride down the Benton hill one of these fine mornings.
  • I forget its name, that stands out on a conical hill at the head of a winding stair above the town of Locarno.
  • He lived at the top of a steep hill himself, and as I arrived there on foot but alive, he passed me without difficulty.
  • Soft, pale shadows of waving branches moved back and forth, like the ghosts of dreams, over the grassy hill and the brick pavements.
  • The water parties of four to eight went under a strong guard two or three times a day down a long hill to the river Dan.
  • Many stories of the excellent but eccentric Rowland Hill are told, but often with considerable exaggeration.
  • The hill on which Transylvania's only fortress stands was once covered with massive buildings by Diurban's race.
  • On the 23d they resumed their march, and on the 25th, at two in the afternoon, encamped upon a hill overlooking the town of Derne.
  • So the last unwilling victim was cajoled into going, and at a cheery summons from Dixie May they marched up the hill in a body.
  • Wallie gave a sharp exclamation, for, in the moment that they watched her, a small herd of the Texas cattle came around a hill and also saw her.
  • While she sipped her coffee and drank in the scenery simultaneously, the inhabitants of the hill came out in swarms to investigate the monster who was destroying their home.
  • His burial-place is on a hill overhanging the Bristol Channel, a spot selected by his father as a fit resting-place for his beloved boy.

Definition of Hill

To form into a heap or mound. | To heap or draw earth around plants. | An elevated location smaller than a mountain.
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