Him No In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Him No | Him No Sentence

  • It can do him no harm.
  • It can carry him no further.
  • They did him no harm.
  • Sally saw him no more.
  • I was afraid of him no more.
  • I will trouble him no more.
  • I will see him no more.
  • I will mention him no more.
  • Sara saw him no more.
  • She asked him no questions.
  • About him no more need be said.
  • David made him no answer.
  • But him no say nothing.
  • But she gave him no chance.
  • It gave him no reply.
  • They gave him no hold.
  • I bear him no grudge at all.
  • She makes him no answer.
  • I struggled with him no longer.
  • Jane therefore urged him no further.
  • It was for him no period of idleness.
  • Yet all this gave him no concern.
  • His independence did him no harm.
  • But this gave him no hope.
  • For she had left him no word.
  • Gerardo heeded him no whit.
  • It did him no good to remember it now.
  • How lightly she had told him no!
  • But it hurt him no longer.
  • She had left him no loophole.
  • And it would do him no harm.
  • I will ask him no more questions.
  • She returned him no answer.
  • Near him no shadow lived.
  • I made him no answer.

How To Use Him No In A Sentence?

  • He would trouble him no more.
  • She made him no answer.
  • Levasseur puzzled him no less.
  • They offered him no violence.
  • His place knew him no more.
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