Him Some In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Him Some | Him Some Sentence

  • Threaten him some more.
  • We should do him some service.
  • I sent him some such memoranda.
  • It takes him some time.
  • His mother taught him some of it.
  • She was having tea and she gave him some.
  • I gave him some of my pie.
  • Behind him some one shouted.
  • It caused him some uneasiness.
  • Give him some post in the palace.
  • He wants me to tell him some more.
  • I lugged him some and he walked some.
  • We give him some water.
  • He would show him some improvements.
  • We gave him some of the crackers from the basket.
  • I may tell you about him some day.
  • The king gave him some money.
  • His mother gave him some cents.
  • Hallie is engaged to marry him some day.
  • Ask him some question on a topic that interests him.
  • That would give him some trouble.
  • She must show him some of her work.
  • We have shown him some finger-plays.
  • We owe him some gratitude therefore.
  • I will send him some medicine presently.
  • Maybe the sleep had done him some good.
  • Come and hear him some evening at my house.
  • The professor gave him some wine.
  • It gave him some idea of what it was she had gone through.
  • It took him some time to comprehend that it was envy.
  • The man handed him some greasy bills.
  • Condorcet went to visit him some months after his fall.
  • Some have agreed with him, some have differed with him.
  • I gotta get to him some other way.
  • He gave him some money to pay the bill.

How To Use Him Some In A Sentence?

  • But we did him some good, anyway.
  • And the man wants me to get him some church.
  • I have often tried to draw from him some morsels.
  • I particularly want to show him some civility.
  • She had given him some pamphlets on equal suffrage.

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