Hind In A Sentence

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  • Its hind fin triangular.
  • Then his hind feet slipped.
  • Then they released the hind feet.
  • This hind that you see with me is my wife.
  • Became that hind chiel weel.
  • Wise in the hind leg in a duel.
  • His car was on the hind end.
  • I put a hole in the other hind tire.
  • This species has a very small hind toe.
  • Madly he twisted himself to get at his hind foot.
  • He crept up to it and grasped it by its hind legs.
  • The hind feet came closer.
  • Will it be put hind side before or upside down?
  • The lazy hind goes loitering by.
  • Such injuries were more common on toes of the hind foot.
  • I took the buck by the hind legs and swung myself under it.
  • He pulled up sharply and turned on his hind feet.
  • Men rigging the derrick pointed to the hind car.
  • I took him by his hind legs and threw him downstairs.
  • His hind claws pierced my left thigh.
  • The bones of the hind limb are exceptionally interesting.
  • He stood up on his hind legs and bowed politely.
  • Fortunately his hind feet caught a tiny bush.
  • The archer aimed and shot off its hind foot.
  • I may be able to pull her up on her hind feet.
  • They say insects make noises with their hind legs.
  • With my hind legs!...
  • He stood on his head, and on his hind legs.
  • And he raised one of his hind feet to show where he meant.
  • The hind limbs are relatively small and relatively short.
  • He scratched the tip of his nose with his left hind foot.
  • He rode facing the hind wheel and standing on the pedals.
  • The white hind looked out, and lo!
  • Whether thou bidst the well taught hind relate 51.

How To Use Hind In A Sentence?

  • The bear rose on its hind feet and began pawing the air.
  • You might as well try reason on the hind leg of a jackass.
  • Its long hind legs enabled it to leap like a kangaroo.
  • Gilly, stand on his hind legs, in search of cake.
  • Feet four-toed, cleft; hind toe very short.

Definition of Hind

Located at the rear (most often said of animals' body parts). | (archaic) A servant, especially an agricultural labourer. | For more examples of usage of this term, see Citations:hind.
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