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How To Use Hinges In A Sentence?

  • They were often divided into compartments and were always supplied with hinges and locks.
  • Where to send her was the important question, and upon the decision hinges this narrative.
  • The necessary ornament should be contributed by the design of locks, hinges and handles.
  • The door swung on its hinges with the motion of the vessel, and the sound annoyed me.
  • With one of his old rusted hinges for a sinker, it was presently ready for use.
  • Isom lay upon his own cellar door, taken down from its hinges to make him a couch.
  • The little noise of the gate whining upon its worn hinges sounded unnaturally loud.
  • She got her fingernails into the crack; but the hinges began to grate, and she let her hand drop.
  • In a corner we found the brass hinges and lock of a trunk; near them part of the contents, viz.
  • The shutter had fallen off the hinges several days before, and Benoit had forgotten to put it up.
  • The hinges slowly gave way, the folding doors swung open, and displayed a grinning skeleton!

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hinges | Hinges Sentence

  • If only the hinges were as friendly.
  • The hinges were next examined.
  • The hinges and the bolts were massive.
  • Yet the hinges of his knees bent automatically.
  • Wire hinges and a fastening in front have been suggested.
  • The whole case practically hinges upon it.
  • All else hinges on this, and is dominated by this.
  • What wall upon what hinges turned stands open like a door?
  • The Door Hinges and Latch.
  • Why don't you get some hinges for it?
  • We have oiled the hinges of the door so that it moves noiselessly.
  • Modern currency history hinges on the antagonism of these two systems.
  • The dead-light squeaked shrilly on its hinges as he drew it to.
  • In nineteen cases out of twenty the result hinges on his own disposition.
  • The entire matter hinges upon the question of the sacrifice.
  • The girl was trying to loosen the door hinges with the points of her scissors.
  • The rusty hinges creaked weirdly as the door closed behind her.
  • But almost before the door had moved on its hinges the thing outside saw it.
  • The hinges were concealed, but he found signs of them at the right.
  • This may possibly refer to snipe-bill hinges to be placed on chests.
  • The hinges of the doors are generally of wood; and locks are not used.
  • We're all off our hinges this Sunday.
  • The first six stairs from the top seemed to hang upon hinges from the landing.
  • The bolt held, but the frail hinges gave way and the door fell in.
  • It was still open; its rust-eaten hinges had long since ceased to act.
  • Here the H hinges have been retained and also the old-time latches.
  • And crook the pregnant hinges of the knee Where thrift may follow fawning.
  • Door keys and door hinges are made of wood, not of iron as in the Occident.
  • The inmost door upon its hinges turned, like thunder out of tune; and, lo!

Definition of Hinges

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of hinge | plural of hinge
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